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In the world of watches, we often come across big names from Switzerland and Japan. And it’s quite understandable since many of nowadays’ watch making techniques are originated from those countries.

But there are also other noticeable manufacturers that are not Swiss or Japanese based. Skagen, the Danish-originated watch maker is one great example.

The strong points of Skagen mens watches are elegant simplicity and high level of craftsmanship. Their products also have a wide range of choices in both design and price to fit everyone’s needs and styles.

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air from such timepiece, then you should see the table below for a comparison chart of my favorite 3 Skagen watches.

Take some time to look at them and let me know if you can find your watch there.

My Favorite 3 Skagen Watches

FeaturesSkagen Men's 233LTMN WatchSkagen Men's 433LSL1 WatchSkagen Men's 331XLSL1 Watch
Product image
Watch movementQuartzQuartzJapanese Quartz
Display typeAnalogAnalogAnalog
Crystal materialMineralMineralMineral
Case materialTitaniumTitaniumStainless steel
Band materialStainless steelLeatherLeather
Bezel materialTitaniumStainless steelStainless steel
Dial colorBlueWhiteWhite
ClaspFold over clasp with safetyBuckleBuckle
Bezel functionStationaryStationaryStationary
Special featuresLumiousNoneDay window, luminous, chronograph subdials
Water resistant99 feet99 feet99 feet
PriceSee priceSee priceSee price

Reviews of the Top 3 Skagen Mens Watches

Now that you might have finished scanning the table. I will do a short summary for each watch listed here so that you will understand exactly what the features mean and how they can help before making the final decision. Now, take some time to read my 3 short Skagen watch reviews below.

Skagen Men’s 233LTMN Watch

skagen 233ltmn watchThe first watch that I want you to know about is this 233LTMN.

Perhaps the first impression that you will have on this wristwatch is the overall dark tone it has on the outside. The black band combines with the dark blue watch dial really make this watch stand out from the crowd. It has somewhat a feel of mystery that really attracts the eyes from people around you if you wear it on your wrist.

This watch has its core energized by the world famous Quartz movement to ensure if will keep up with time flawlessly over the long run. If you’re a busy person who has to finish the jobs on time, you will understand the value of this feature. And with the Quartz engine, you won’t have to do much watch maintenance either. Just some occasional battery changes and it’s done.

Talking about other parts of this timepiece, you should pay attention to the heat treated mineral crystal. It’s an important part of any watch that will protect the inner parts from taking scratches from unwanted situations. And with a sturdy mineral crystal, this 233LTMN watch will surely accomplish that mission for you.

The crystal also provides you with a clear look over the things inside on the dial so that you will find it easy to glance at time.

The dark titanium case and band are not only part of the overall protection system of this wristwatch that protects it from shock, scratches and damages. They also make the watch look much better overall in my opinion.

In addition to the above features, you will have a fold over clasp with this watch. And that means you won’t have to spend much time putting the thing on and take it off when needed.

And finally, with the ability to resist water pressure up to no more than 99 ft or 30 m, you should not expose this timepiece to water or else it might go out of work.

Skagen Men’s 433LSL1 Watch

skagen 433lsl1 watchThe next watch in this Skagen mens watches series that I want to share is this 433LSL1.

Unlike the 233LTMN that we talked about before, this watch has for its own a high quality and beautiful brown leather strap with an elegant and minimalist white dial. The color combination works well in my opinion to create a relaxed feel whenever you look at it.

The watch is also powered by the Quartz movement thus making it very accurate in timekeeping and hassle-free in maintenance. Once you buy it, you won’t have to deal with oiling, or hand winding like with other mechanical type watches.

Talking about the watch case and bezel, this time, we have stainless steel instead of titanium. Steel is a good choice for these parts of the watch. And in fact, they’re the most popular choices comparing to titanium and gold. The reason is because steel is tough enough to protect the watch from shock and damages. And it also works well for the design aspect thanks to its silver tone color.

And much like the 233LTMN with the mineral watch dial window, you can rest assured that this wristwatch can save itself from potential scratches and will help you see time as clear as possible.

The clasp in this case is buckle so that whenever you put the watch on, it will sit tight on your wrist. And the leather band will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when you wear the watch on.

This timepiece is also water resistant at 99 ft or 30 m maximum.

Skagen Men’s 331XLSL1 Watch

skagen 331xlsl1 watchThe third product of the series today that you should know about is this 331XLSL1 watch.

Unlike the first 2 from the series with the Swiss version of the Quartz movement, this watch has for itself a Japanese Quartz engine inside the structure. Now you might knew already that there are many debates on the topic of what is the better version of the Quartz, Swiss or Japanese.

And let me tell you this, a Quartz is a Quartz. And in this case, a Japanese made one is as good as a Swiss made. So you don’t have to worry about this feature. It will still keep time perfectly for you.

The 331XLSL1 also has for itself a high quality leather band that will put your wrist at ease whenever you wear the watch on. And it also has nothing to do with corrosion like other metal types of bands or bracelets also. Combine this with the buckle clasp, you will have a good mechanism to keep the watch in place.

The stainless steel case and bezel, as usual, provide a strong armor that protect the watch from taking damages from outside forces. And they also make the watch shine especially under the sun!

Talking about the watch dial, the white dial make it easy for you to look at. And the hardened mineral crystal will shield everything inside from taking scratches as always.

For other special features, what we have here are luminous watch hands and indices, as well as 3 subdials with day display, and water resistance up to 99 ft or 30 m.

What would you choose now?

That’s it. My 3 favorite Skagen mens watches for you to choose from in case you’re looking for one. And these are not just my own opinion as many other people who bought the watches before thought so as well.

But I also understand that my favorites doesn’t necessarily mean yours. So if you didn’t find what you want from the above Skagen watch reviews, feel free to head over to the review section of this brand where I show you many other great Skagen mens watches as well.

See you around!

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