TAG Heuer WAN2110.BA0822 Review

Tag Heuer WAN2110.BA0822 reviewEverybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to depart this life! You might want to grow old with your beloved but you would always want to look young for that loved one.

Life comes with terms and conditions. What if i tell you that there is a timepiece which serves the basic need of time keeping accurately, is stylish, from a big brand and its sturdy and long lasting too? Too much? But it’s true. This is TAG Heuer men’s WAN2110.BA0822 watch.

It’s a versatile, eye-catching timepiece that easily accompanies both office and casual attire. Silver color case with silver stainless steel band looks super sleek but this owns a strong mechanism too.

Swiss “Movement”

Battery is something that you see everyone talking about. The biggest problem is faced by Smartphone owners who can be seen carrying their chargers to every nook and corner they visit too.

But this TAG Heuer mens watch won’t let you go to repair shops for getting the battery charged or replaced. Because of the automatic Swiss movement, it runs on its own.

In short, it’s automatically powered by the natural movement of your arm. Accuracy is something that you can be assured of with this movement.

Black “Dial”

A perfect jet black dial is enhanced by white hour markings and luminous hands. This makes the wearer read time exactly at the time when he puts a sharp glance on it. Prominent branding logo on the dial increases the flaunt value.

For convenience, an easy-to-read date window is set at the three o’clock position. The watch has to be robust while being stylish.

Nothing can assure better strength than stainless steel when it comes to bezel and case. It looks like a fashionable bracelet which can go with your power meeting suits and funky denim looks too.

Anti-reflective sapphire crystal can get you the best strength. A sapphire crystal is superior to mineral glass in the sense that it is more scratch resistant, but it is also more expensive. Cheaper watches usually have mineral glass ‘crystals’, while nicer watches use sapphire crystals.

Steel “Band”

Stainless steel is used as the material for band with fold-Over Clasp with Safety. Chain pattern looks classic but has no gaps in between. Watch is a masterpiece so its need to be secured with a strong and stylish band and this do the needful.

Key Features

  • Name: TAG Heuer men’s WAN2110.BA0822 watch
  • Movement: Swiss automatic
  • Band: Silver stainless steel
  • Dial material: Sapphire
  • Special features: Water proof and date function

Full list of awesome features here!


A silver shining case, glowing stainless steel band, gleaming bezel and luminous hands! And to top it all- TAG heuer! What else do we need to shine?