Skagen 906XLTTM Review

Skagen 906XLTTM reviewA watch is something that looks fabulous that is of course if the watch is one that can create an ever lasting impression. In order to make an impression it is very important that a man wears his watch with pride.

Pride will come naturally with the incredible Skagen Men’s 906XLTTM Titanium Chronograph Watch. It has a carbon fiber dial, which makes it look very elite. Coupled with a titanium bracelet the watch represents class and style.


The machinery of the watch is powered by quartz; quartz is what the watch makers’ use with absolute certainty. It is being used for quite some time now and its reliability is the reason that it is used in the majority of the watches in the whole world.

The quartz used in watches is synthetic, or man-made. Watch manufacturers use quartz crystals rather than natural ones because they have consistent properties.

A quartz watch is one that measures time by means of a paper-thin piece of synthetic quartz. The quartz vibrates very quickly in response to an electric charge; it is these vibrations that enable the watch to keep time.

Quartz watches have either an analog dial, with rotating hands, or a digital display, which shows the time with numbers analog watches have quartz movements.

Superb Dial

The carbon fiber dial gives a break from the monotony of regular dials and looks very classy. The color is a mixture of grey and black and it comes out as a color that is suitable for all occasions and clothes.

The dial is bold and has a very masculine appeal. It has a stainless steel bezel which is stationery and goes very well the dial.

It has a date window which is an excellent feature in terms of keeping a track of the dates and is also an addition to the appealing looks of the watch. It is water resistant up to 99 feet and its water pressure resistance is 30 bar.

This beautiful dial is protected from scratches by the mineral window dial material.

Classy strap

The strap is made of titanium; it looks sturdy, muscular and very manly. It has a self-print pattern which gives the whole watch an absolutely incredible look. It also has a fold over clasp with safety to make it safe on the wrist.

Key features

  • Name: Skagen Men’s 906XLTTM Titanium Chronograph Watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Titanium
  • Special features: lightweight (2.6 oz)

Full list of awesome features here!


In order to create an impression we all work very hard and try our best, like we must. It is crucial to make a place for ourselves in a world where looks matter a lot. This incredible watch is something that will do your for you.