Skagen 433LSLB Review

Skagen 433LSLB reviewThe Skagen 433LSLB is a Danish design watch that has unique qualities. Founded in 1989, Skagen follows the dream of creating durable watches that introduce the lifestyle and philosophy into the lives of people. Skagen provides unrivaled attention to detail and a high-level of commitment to creating the finest quality of watch; this product is an elegant timepiece from the company.

The product is made with a 34mm stainless steel case with back, stunning dial that effortlessly focus on style and fashion without sacrificing its utility. The watch layout is designed suit the taste of everyone; the contemporary layout makes it wearable for any occasion as well as daily.

This impressive timepiece incorporates a 100, water resistance, which is pretty impressive. This watch is a must have for men looking for a durable watch that can be worn in all occasions.

Watch Movement

Featuring a Quartz movement, this watch is better than wrist watches with non-quartz movement. The black dial and grey hands may look simple, but these make the basic functions of the watch easy to read.

This wrist watch seems perfect for everyone; it’s dial for men looking for a durable watch to suit their rugged lifestyle, yet still fully function for those who are looking for a watch to wear on all occasions and in a daily basis.

Manly Design

The watch is round shaped and measures 34mm wide without the crown. It’s only 5mm thick making it a very light watch. It is not too bulky, which people love as its ideal to wear everyday and in any occasion.

The black dial, grey hands, and grey Arabic numerals make it look simple, yet appealing to men. In addition, its analog display makes a watch that every man would love to wear as it’s simple, yet appealing.

The band is made with leather and not synthetic. It measures 17mm wide, which is quite nice to. It has a men’s standard length and can fit to any wrist size. The bands attach with buckles making sure that stays firm on the wrist.

Tough Components

This wrist watch is made with attention to details and elegance at the same time. The dial window is made with quartz, which is the reason why it has an analog display.

The 34×5 mm stainless steel case is attached to a leather starch with buckle clasp. The dial and band color is black completing the strong personality of men. There is no calendar and the bezel is stationary.


Water Resistant – This men’s watch from Skagen can resist water pressure up to 100m depth. The hypo-allergenic polished stainless steel back seals tightly making it water resistant.

Quartz Movement – The Japanese quartz movement of the watch is dependable and accurate.

Leather Strap – Unlike other watches with synthetic or plastic strap, the Skagen 433LSLB is made with a leather strap, making it unique and durable.

Stainless Steel Case – As expected from Skagen, the 433LSLB is highly-durable. The stainless steel case is very thing and it fit’s any shirt cuff and you can hardly feel wearing it, it’s very light.

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Precision Workmanship – The watch is very slim, yet remains durable. Considering that it’s made with a stainless steel material you can hardly feel it when worn. Besides, it’s water resistant making it ideal for everyone with rugged lifestyle.

Elegant – The product is made with the right size of a wrist watch and not full of stuff. The simple dial and slim case just make sense. The leather band is very attractive giving the wearer a rich look. It corporate suit wear and works with casual dress. It’s excellent to wear on all occasions.


Probably, the con of the watch it that it’s functionality is limited to time only; it has no calendar either. However, the Skagen 433LSLB is perfect for those who are looking for a simple watch to use for everyday. Although it does not have the features of other outdoor watches, it gives credit to your money by doing what it’s for and you get what you pay for it.


The Skagen 433LSLB may look simple to some, but it’s perfect for men looking for a wrist watch to use every day, on all occasions, yet not sacrificing style and fashion. The watch is very slim and light. You’ll actually get what you pay for it.