Skagen 233XLTTN Review

Skagen 233XLTTN reviewThis whole world is round and the best things in this world also come in the same shape. Whether it’s the coins around you, pizza you eat, full moon that you fall in love with and a wrist watch, of course. This round shaped Skagen 233XLTTN Titanium Blue Dial Watch truly deserves applause as this looks like a beautifully decorated Broadway theater stage.

Eye catching flare with clear designing and marking is married with blue colored base. Skagen’s signature watch style includes a smooth mesh band and simple dial with subtle indices. This timepiece justifies the thought. While keeping true to its minimalist heritage, Skagen continually remains on the forefront, using modern watch materials and movements.

Quartz “Movement”

Unlike a mechanical watch, which has a mainspring, a quartz watch needs no winding. The best benefit of quartz is that quartz movements can be made thinner than mechanical ones. This slimmer movement enabled Skagen to produce sleek, streamlined watch like this. Quartz offers accuracy and being on time these days is the most important parameter to judge a person’s personality.

“Dial” the right number!

The striking sunray blue dial of this Skagen watch features 12 chrome and white luminous numbers with a 24-hour dial too. Numbers are in their right manner- big and clear enough to read at a single glance.

Moreover you don’t need to count on fingers if you want to read time in 24 hour format as both the formats are shown on dial. A unique display of date function above the six hour catches quick attention.

The strength to watch comes from titanium case. Titanium has as high strength as of around 1000 MPa for Grade 5 which is five times that of ordinary steels. But where titanium actually pulls ahead is in terms of lightness. Its sturdy and light at the same time.

Mineral crystal which is a kind of hardened glass protects the watch. It is much more scratch resistant than acrylic and also somewhat better at shatter resistance compared with sapphire.

Watch band

Mesh band defines Skagen watches. This particular mesh band style is liked by most of the people for many reasons. A. Its comfortable. B. Looks stylish. C. Will not tear out like the fabrics do.

Key features

  • Name: Skagen 233XLTTN
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Water-resistant to 99 feet

Full list of awesome features here!


The gunmetal color sets an altogether different tone for the watch. It just stands out from the crowd with blue dial, mesh band and gunmetal color tone.