Skagen 233XLTTM Review

Skagen 233XLTTM reviewAre you the ones who always get successful in proving their mettle? Then this is the metal that can matter! Now why metal and not watch? The answer is simple. This Skagen 233XLTTM has a titanium case, stainless steel strap and gun metal dial.

So you get best of all the Worlds over here. Smart silver look rules all over the watch. In addition, this sophisticated timepiece is water resistant to 99 feet. Sleek style follows a grand legacy but portrays the modernity at its best.


Being a modern watch, the movement can’t be mechanical.

Electronic movements have few or no moving parts, as they use tiny quartz crystal to provide a stable time base for a mostly electronic movement. That’s why electronic movements are called quartz movement too.

Quartz watches are extremely accurate. Their margin of error is less than one second per day. Quartz movements are powered by a battery, so therefore they do not rely on motion and moving parts alone like an automatic, which results in servicing being much less expensive.

Heavy duty-“Dial”

This Skagen 233XLTTM watch uses a gunmetal dial. Wohooo! Such a heavy name! Gunmetal, also known as red brass, a type of bronze, is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water.

This stunning black colored dial features silver-tone Arabic numerals, a date calendar at six o’clock, a subtle 24-hour display, and silver-tone hour, minute, and second hands.

Titanium is used for dial case. Now strength and toughness is where Titanium excels. It defeats steel in terms of lightness (weight). Another area where titanium is excellent at is corrosion resistance. So need to worry at all. Get the best for the finest side of you!


Designer could have given a plain and blank steel band but creating a mesh with it deserves applause. This doesn’t add much to the weight of this Skagen watch and at the same time looks premium.

It is easily adjustable and has the appropriate length. Fold over clasp has been given to provide a tight firm but a safety over it completes the motive.

Main features

  • Name: Skagen Titanium 233XLTTM
  • Band: material Steel mesh
  • Case: Material Titanium
  • Movement: Quartz movement
  • Special features: water resistant up to 99 feet & date function

Full list of awesome features here!


As mentioned in the beginning, this has been created amalgamating strong metals which include gun metal, titanium and steel too. A watch that ensures strength and accuracy too. So once again, this is a metal that matters, so prove your mettle.