Skagen 233LTTM Review

Skagen 233LTTM reviewGrace, elegance, style and a manly appeal all are very important for a man to look good. Of course he has to be careful about the clothes he chooses but he certainly can never take a risk with the watch he wears.

It is something that he gets to flaunt in style and it has to be worthy of appreciation and positive remarks. That is just the kind of watch the beautiful Skagen Men’s 233LTTM Titanium Mesh Watch is. Titanium is what you will have on your wrist and the black dial does justice to all the expectations you can have from a great looking watch.


Quartz is one of the most famous technologies for watches it has been responsible for powering marvelous time keeping pieces from a very long time.

Its success is what has made watch makers realize its value and that is the reason they use it in majority of the watches in the whole wide world. The main thing that makes a quartz watch work is the oscillator.

The quartz oscillator receives an electrical charge from an integrated circuit, which gets its power from the watch battery (or, in the case of a battery-less watch, the poser storage cell). The electricity makes the quartz vibrate, or oscillate, at the rate or 32,768 times per second.


The watch is elegant and whenever you wear it will never look like you are trying too hard to look good. It has the advantage of being graceful and classy without getting over board.

It has a charcoal grey dial, which is one color that adds to the character of a watch, it is classic yet different. It is loaded with the calendar feature which includes day, date, time and moon phase.

It is water resistant up to 99 feet and the dial is protected by mineral window dial material. It is the best when it comes to offering resistance from scratches. It has a titanium stationary bezel which goes perfectly with the dial and is a perfect bridge between the dial and band.


The band is made of platinum, which makes it exquisite and sturdy.

It also adds to its appeal and makes it look very high class. The mesh pattern adds to the glory and the specialty of the watch. It is something that will look superb on the wrist and at the time it will give a very chic look. It has a fold over clasp for safety.

Key features

  • Name: Skagen Men’s 233LTTM Titanium Mesh Watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Titanium
  • Special features: Water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


When you have the chance to combine simplicity with grace and style with this beautiful time piece, then why let it go?