Casio W800H-1AV Review

Casio W800H-1AV reviewThe Casio Digital sports watch is an extensively popular model of sports watch in the world. Renowned for their reasonable yet durable and robust qualities, this well-known watch takes account of essential features including the capability of recording lap splits in a session.

Today, the company is proud to announce their latest innovation of digital sport watches. One type of timepiece that they offer to the public is the Casio W800H-1AV. This is packed with multiple time zones, alarms, countdown timer, water resistant and much more.

Classic Digital Watch Design

The state of the art Casio Men’s Classic Digital Sport Timepiece is completed with intuitive style that makes it ideal to be used by active individuals including sportsmen.

This watch is made with tough resin housing, a fixed resin black bezel and a color black resin bracelet with a modifiable buckle clasp.

It also integrated with a very hard wearing mineral window protects the square size digital gray dial façade that comes with a digital time display together with the month, date and the day.

This classic and remarkable watch also takes account of light mode as well as adjustable keys which allow the wearer to customize the wristwatch display in order to suit the workout.

This digital quartz operated watch can wear underwater up to 330 feet.

The Size

The width of this watch is only 1.16 inches. The height measure 1 3/16 inch and only about ½ inches thick, which make this product better compared to the G-shock.

The diameter of case material is 37 millimeters, making this watch appropriate for those with a small wrist. It has a thickness of 13.4 millimeters. It has a bandwidth of 20 millimeters and only weighs 1.13 grams.

The Casio W800H-1AV Classic Digital Watch is made in the USA, resin case and most of all accessible in different colors to suit your taste and preference.

Casio Men’s Classic Digital Watch is made to constantly adjust the time by means of the radio waves obtained from atomic clocks stationed at center geographical sites.

The runtime services of this watch are assured to be precise within the order of 1 second in 3 million years, so you can expect your classic digital watch to always be precise without the need of setting the time manually.

Illuminator and Battery Life

The illuminator integrated on the latest digital sport watch from Casio is a kind of hybrid wherein it does not light from the rear, instead it illuminates from the side with a neon green glow which is really remarkable and beautiful to see.

It has the same illuminator features as to that more costly model of Casio watches. Without a doubt, this is a very reliable small digital sport watch available with ten year battery life.

Like other Casio watches this also lasts a few decades with proper care.

Full list of awesome features here!


Lots of Exceptional Features: This watch is equipped with essential features like a stopwatch with split times, dual time, shows the time at the time of stop watch function, a date set up which knows the day of the week including the leap year, big display, snooze alarm and many more.

Comfortable and Functional: Casio digital sport watch knows the sportsmen are continually torn between functionality and comfort and wanting to look good and stand out from the rest. Casio Men’s classic digital sport watch is a great line of timepieces which will surely impress many sportsmen with their remarkable features and with their looks as well.

Reasonable: Smart Shoppers looking for the best yet reasonable digital sport watch, this sport watch from Casio is the best choice. The cost is very reasonable. This can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of other brand of sport watches available out there.

High Quality Materials: Buying a sport watch should not be about the features and the price, you have to make sure that the parts and materials are made from high quality material. This sport watch from Casio can stand your regular use as it developed from high quality materials.

Not Bulky Compared to G-Shock: If you are one of many people wanting a completely functioning digital timepiece without the huge size of a G-Shock, this is the best choice.


The face of this watch is made of plastic that prone to scratch once treated carelessly. On the other hand, you can’t avoid the occasional bang against a hard object or wall. On the other hand, this timepiece will not break your bank account anyway.


If you are searching for a reasonable digital sport watch that has all the remarkable features such as dual time, snooze, water resistance, stopwatch, long life battery and a band that will not die on you, look further than Casio W800H-1AV.