Casio SGW100-1V Review

Casio SGW100-1V review“Casio” transformed the concept of the watch – from a mere timepiece to an information device for the wrist – and undertook product planning based on this innovative idea.

They developed not only time functions such as global time zone watches, but also other radical new functions using Casio’s own digital technology, including calculator and dictionary functions, as well as a phonebook feature based on memory technology, and even a thermometer function using a built-in sensor.

The memory-function watches became their DATA BANK product series. So in nutshell, Casio watches are not just watches, they are much more. What if you get world time (29 time zones/48 cities), declination correction, a convenient stopwatch, four daily alarms and one snooze alarm & auto calendar all together in a single watch? Casio SGW100-1V promises you all!

Reliable “Movement”

Quartz movement provides reliable precision. It is more like a friend to you who would always want you to get the best thing at right place and at right time. This movement is popular worldwide and is clubbed with digital display in this particular timepiece.

LCD “Display”

Innovative technology, sleek and sporty style comes together in Casio’s Twin Sensor Watch. Temperature and direction readings make this rugged timepiece ideal for workouts, outdoor adventures, and water sports.

There’s also world time (29 time zones/48 cities) in this Casio watch, declination correction, a convenient stopwatch, four daily alarms and one snooze alarm and an auto calendar. Mineral glass offers extra protection against scratching.

Mineral crystal is a kind of hardened glass which is much more scratch resistant than crystals like acrylic.

Direction readings and time are indicated on a large LCD that is divided into three segments for a clear, easy-to-understand display. Water resistance to 660 feet adds all the adventure into wild mind.

Black resin “Band”

Watch bands made with resin are durable because they are long lasting and flexible. The durability of the resin watch straps is accounted for by its content of higher rubber content. It is more expensive and higher quality material than rubber. This watch has an adventure feel, so a sturdy band does the needful job.

Key features

  • Name: Casio SGW100-1V men’s watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Resin
  • Special features: Stop watch, water resistant, twin sensor, compass and calendar

Full list of awesome features here!


The watch is extremely decorated as it has prominent branding, features written on the front case, elaborated compass markings and the main display. This has lot of features and can be beneficial if you really need them otherwise they can be used to flaunt only. It has a masculine and sporty feel and if that suits your personality, grab it and accentuate your manly traits.