Casio PAS400B-5V Review

Casio PAS400B-5V reviewCasio PAS400B-5V is very comfortable and light watch that is intended for outdoor use. Generally, this watch is compact, having all the essential features that make this ideal for outdoor activities. This is tough and sturdy pathfinder watch that can be regarded as a high performance instrument to assist user analyze and record data.

Product Features

This pathfinder forester fishing moon phase timepiece from Casio is packed with lots of valuable features that many existing watches cannot provide such as the face of the case is completed of defensive mineral to secure the timepiece from scratches and at the same to preserve the looks and beauty of the watch.

It has chronograph movement; the case is designed of resin for a classic finish. The face features month, date and day for a precise reading. It is water resistant for up to 100 meter or 330 feet.

A perfect watch for passionate anglers, this jagged pathfinder timepiece from Casio shows the perfect times to fish that is based on moon’s latitude, phase, longitude and showing sunset and sunrise information.

This is integrated with stop watch feature, but don’t have a countdown timer which you can ten or fifteen minutes. The rear light is so bright, enough to use it a flashlight and the choice on this watch wherein you can set it for the backlight to appear each time you grip your hand a particular way is so cool.

If you are searching for a reliable waterproof pathfinder watch and don’t really care regarding the time issue, then the Casio PAS400B-5V is the best choice.


The best feature of this watch is the alarm. It is fitted with 5 alarms, which you can set daily or for particular days of the week. It has a very powerful vibration which will wake you up from a dead sleep.

Full list of awesome features here!


Apart from remarkable hand features, this Casio Men’s PAS400B-5V Pathfinder Forester Fishing Moon Phase Timepiece is the most sought watch and loved by a lot of men as of the benefits which they obtain from using it such as:

The Vibrating Alarm: Compared to other pathfinder watch, the alarm of this watch from Casio is remarkably different and very loud enough to hear even if you are in the middle of a crowded area.

Backlighting: Through this feature, this makes it simple for you to see the time even on a dark night. This is automatically switched on every time you switch your timepiece towards you.

Durable: This timepiece is designed of hard materials, therefore you could be certain that this will stand your daily use. It can last for many years, although you continually wear it while performing any tiring activities or outdoors.

Lightweight and Comfortable: Regardless of the size of this timepiece, it is remarkably lightweight and comfortable use.

Five Distinct Hammers: This allows you to set up to five various alarms for everyday when you have many important events to attend to.

Ideal for Hunting: This timepiece is perfect for hunters because this can show the perfect feeding as well as hunting times that based on the directions of the location.


Regardless of the best things about this pathfinder timepiece from Casio, there are certain aspects which must be enhanced such as:

Camouflage Band: This makes the timepiece look casual and sporty, not perfect for formal events and office.

Don’t have a countdown timer: Countdown timer is really valuable for different reasons and they don’t find it in this watch.

In spite of these drawbacks, still the Pathfinder Forester Fishing Moon Phase Timepiece still one of the most sought after watches out there. This timepiece is packed with handy and valuable features which many other timepieces don’t provide. And most of all, it is very reasonable.


A timepiece is an essential accessory, on the other hand finding a reliable timepiece could be relatively hard. Either you get really reasonable or cheap that doesn’t have essential features and deteriorate easily or you find one which is way bound your needs yet have the functions you can ever need.

With the launch of the Casio PAS400B-5V Pathfinder Forester Fishing Moon Phase Watch, you can now have a watch that is both functional and reasonable. This is not just good looking; it is also packed with amazing features and budget friendly as well.