Casio G100-1BV Review

Casio G100-1BV reviewAction!! If this word gives your adrenaline a kick, then Casio G100-1BV can do a lot more for you. This Casio watch features a versatile design replete with the best in timepiece technology, including displays in both analog and digital formats.

It’s for all the guys who like being in action all the time. Bold black color justifies the style and shape. Too many grooves over the whole body make the watch look like a mountain rock. By the way, it’s as strong as that and it resists water to 200 m.

The Movement

It has a Japanese quartz movement which is also an automatic movement. That means you would not have to go to the repair shop to fix the battery.

Sports are all about accurate timing and technique and if we are calling this a ‘sporty’ watch, then you can be ensured of the accuracy. This movement comes with a digital and analog display both.

Sport the “Dial”

Dial is something that has a lot more to talk for this particular watch.

Let’s start with the dial case which is made of resin. Resin’s ruggedness and enhanced ultraviolet resistance makes it a superior choice over plastic – especially for such high-activity watches. Long term durability is something that you can feel relaxed for.

Now comes the dial! Black colored dial with a little tinge of red just woo the onlooker. Upper part of the dial is occupied by the hands, out of which hour hand is red in color.

Digital column is given at the lower part on this Casio mens watch which displays hour, minute and seconds too. Hour marking is also done in two ways with two different circles.

Two crowns on the case keep the style minimalistic. “G-shock” and “Shock resist” in bold red color says it all about the watch which can be read on the dial case itself.

Strong “Band”

Resin band with stainless steel buckle was all this watch needed. It’s more on adventurous and sporty side, so strength had to be kept in mind.

Resin usually looks like plastic but it tends to have a higher quality hand than conventional molded plastics. Additionally, resin tends to be slightly more resilient, displaying a high degree of resistance to cracking.

Key features

  • Name: Casio G100-1BV
  • Display: Digital and analog
  • Movement: Japanese quartz
  • Band: Resin

Full list of awesome features here!

Final Note

It’s not bulky neither is it sleek. It’s not under-stylized neither it’s fashionable. It’s for rough and tough guys. Even if you are not too much into adventure or sports but want to create the same style statement, then GO FOR IT!