Casio EFA119BK-1AV Review

Casio EFA119BK-1AV reviewSince the launch of its first timepiece in 1974, Casio has evolved to become one of the leading providers of quality watches in the world, Renowned because of its state of the art calculators that uses advanced technology, Casio started developing watches that will stand out from the rest.

The company is giving emphasis on solar powered radio controlled timepieces; the integrated solar battery gets rid of the annoyance of replacing batteries. Presently, Casio has launched a new model of watch that will surely lead the market of watches — the Casio EFA119BK-1AV Stainless Steel Watch.

Main Features

Powerfully designed and packed with durable timekeeping and ecological features, this watch from Casio hold its own in rough outdoor terrain and professional quarters.

This digital/round watch comes with black glossy bezel housing a typical analog dial fitted with white stick hour indicators and thin skeleton oval hands. This timepiece also provides digital windows that show current date and the chronographs that can calculate events down to one to one hundred of a second.

It is also integrated with fifty-record memory, one stopwatch scheme with inclusive elapsed times and lap times, dual approach with two free lap time as well as 100-hour capability. There is a thermometer which calculates even- numbered minutes as well.

Other Notable Features

Compared to other stopwatches available out there, Casio EFA119BK-1AV Watch has thirty time zones with city codes display. It also comes with daylight switch on and off.

This watch from Casio is integrated with daily alarm, 12/24 time formats, automatic calendar which is pre-programmed and countdown timer.

This timepiece also fitted with sophisticated tapered stainless steel armlet, thirty second accuracy for every month.

Water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters, providing security from accidental splashes and ideal for snorkeling, as well as light leisure diving. It also has afterglow backlighting.

Automatic Illuminate

You will surely love the choice to have this watch auto illuminate simply through tilting the watch. It is best in low light parts and at night, particularly if you are on the go and don’t free hand to press the key light. To save your battery, it shuts automatically the auto-light off after six hours.

A lot of people don’t want the temperature function, what they don’t know is that the temperature reading can be adjusted depends on your choice, and then it keeps a bit more precise reading all through the day.

The body temperature does affect the accuracy of reading so it is suggested wearing this Casio EFA119BK-1AV watch for a 1/2 hour or more to stabilize the temperature, then alter it according to the thermostat temperature.

Full list of awesome features here!


Fashionable: Can be used on a daily basis, and appropriate to use in any kind of getup either suit or casual wear. Looks very expensive and small face, you can easily size the bracelet with flathead screwdriver or small jewelers hammer.

Sporty and Elegant: The Men’s EFA119BK-1AV Ana-Digi Stainless Steel watch manages to show a sporty and elegant appearance, while offering remarkable functionality and lots of details.

Sophisticated and excellent look as advertised.

Great Value- This watch is accessible at a very reasonable price compared to other brand with the same features and functionality.

Provided with temperature calibration

Automatic light while tilting watch at forty indigo light


This Casio stopwatch doesn’t have backward movement.

A little bulky.


Casio EFA119BK-1AV Stainless Steel Watch is indeed one of the most reliable and durable timepieces available today. Wearing this will surely make you stand out from the rest of its elegant and sophisticated design.