From $2000 to $5000

It’s true that there are very few people who can spend a fortune on a watch. And the fact that you’re here reading these lines means that you might be one of them. And what I have for you here today is a unique collection of the best mens watches under $5000 in my opinion. I know that there are plenty of choices on the market to choose from. But I do have my own judgements to gather only the best of the best for you here.

So, take your time and have a look at my collection. And don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite!


Watch MovementCrystal MaterialCase MaterialBand MaterialSpecial FeaturesPrice
Omega Men's 3570.50.00 Speedmaster

Omega Men's 3570.50.00 Speedmaster

MechanicHesaliteSteelSteelLuminous, Chronograph, TachymeterSee price
Omega Men's Seamaster

Omega Men's Seamaster

AutomaticSynthetic SapphireSteelSteelLuminous, Screw-down CrownSee price
Omega Men's 2222.80.00 Seamaster

Omega Men's 2222.80.00 Seamaster

AutomaticSynthetic SapphireSteelSteelLuminou, Screw-down CrownSee price
TAG Heuer Men's CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic

TAG Heuer Men's CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic

AutomaticSynthetic SapphireSteelLeatherLuminous, Chronograph, TachymeterSee price
TAG Heuer Men's CAT2010.BA0952

TAG Heuer Men's CAT2010.BA0952

AutomaticSynthetic SapphireSteelSteelLuminous, Chronograph, TachymeterSee price

Omega Men’s 3570.50.00 Speedmaster

Omega Men's 3570.50.00 SpeedmasterThe movement on this watch relies on a mechanical hand wind. This means it relies on a wound spring and the corresponding release of its energy over long periods of time.

So roughly every 12 hours or so, you’ll need to wind the watch in order for it to effectively keep time. This one comes with 48 hours of power.

Many people prefer a mechanical watch, despite the help it needs, because it’s seen as a more classical design. Winding a watch puts you in direct contact with a world of moving parts beneath the face. As people often say, they don’t make them like that anymore (except for exceptions like this Speedmaster).

One of the main benefits of this Omega watch is definitely its aesthetics. This watch is a beautiful recreation of the first model ever worn on the moon.

However, it’s just as home in water, capable of going to 167 feet deep without an issue. While it has a classic hand-wound design, the two days worth of power is a nice advantage.

If you want a fine example of modern appeal with classic design, you can’t beat this watch. You’ll always know what time it is because you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Omega Men’s Seamaster

Omega Men's SeamasterThis watch has a mechanical design, but it’s self wound. So as long as you keep moving your hand through the course of the day, its unique construction ensures the watch will keep winding itself up all on its own.

Many watch connoisseurs prefer mechanical watches because they appreciate this classical design. It puts them in touch with the tradition of watch making which has long relied on the tension of a wound spring to power itself.

Although it’s natural to be protective of such a beautiful watch, this one is actually quite durable. It can go to depths of 984 feet without a problem.

Plus, sapphire crystal ensures that this watch isn’t one that can be easily scratched. Obviously, its stainless steel band can survive general wear and tear as well. This sporty watch will tell you the time, down to the second, as well as the date.

Omega knows how to make a beautiful watch like no other. The Omega Seamaster is a particularly notable example of a watch that could be worn in some casual situations just as easily as it could be donned for more formal events.

There are always more than what meets the eye with an Omega watch though. Aside from being attractive, this self-wound watch is low-maintenance, beautiful and comes with a number of cool features.

Omega Men’s 2222.80.00 Seamaster

Omega Men's 2222.80.00 SeamasterThis Swiss automatic watch keeps accurate time without needing to be constantly wound. It handles the necessary winding by itself whenever you move your wrist. So you get the best of both worlds: intricate Swiss design and convenience in one beautiful package. Carrying the chronometer designation from Switzerland ensures you this watch is as accurate as it gets.

If you take the Omega Men’s 2222.80.00 Seamaster to swimming, it can join you up to 984 feet below the surface. What else would you expect from a watch called the Seamaster?

Its luminous design also makes telling time easy no matter what the conditions are around you. The 36 millimeter diameter on its case helps too. With a scratch resistant sapphire window, you can rest assured that face will continue to make telling time easy well into the future.

This Omega Seamaster is also noteworthy for its style. You get a stainless steel band offset by a blue dial and a black face.

If you want a stylish watch that will stand out from the rest in your collection or those on the wrists around you, Omega has made your choice easy. Aside from looking great, this watch is also durable and, of course, tells time extremely well.

TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic

TAG Heuer Men's CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera AutomaticAs the name makes clear, the CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic is an automatic watch, meaning it’s a mechanical watch that can see to itself. So you get the benefit of having a classic design—full of moving parts and traditional mechanics—with the convenience of knowing it will continue to tell time without needing to be checked up on constantly.

This watch comes with a large face that makes telling time (including the date) as easy as a single glance. Of course, it’s also great for catching attention of people nearby. Thanks to scratch resistance sapphire, that beautiful face will keep its looks for years too. You can swim with this model to a depth of 330 feet without having to worry about it either.

The leather strap on this model gives it a sporty look, but no one would think less of you for wearing it to formal affairs either. At 1.1 pounds, you’ll be able to feel its stainless steel design, a welcomed reminder, at all times.

TAG Heuer has created another great watch with the CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera Automatic. If you need a watch you can wear to work just as easily as the golf course or out for a night on the town, this model is worth considering.

TAG Heuer Men’s CAT2010.BA0952

TAG Heuer Men's CAT2010.BA0952This beautiful Swiss watch relies on a mechanical design for its power. However, it’s self wound. So you get the satisfaction of knowing your watch has a traditional blueprint to it, but don’t need to constantly assure that it’s keeping time properly.

That’s far from the only benefit of this CAT2010.BA0952 though. Consider the fact that it can withstand following you 200 meters deep into water. Its stainless steel design not only looks great, it also means the watch won’t lose its shine anytime soon. You have sapphire crystal protecting the face of this timepiece too.

Weighing in at 1.1 pounds also lets you know this isn’t some flimsy watch you’ve just purchased. At 20 millimeters wide and a men’s standard length, this model will fit most hands too.

This model also packs a good amount of features. One example is the chronograph that makes timing anything a simple enough option. Plus, its luminous components make it easy to read the time no matter the conditions around you.

The sleek design of the CAT2010.BA0952, with its black dial against stainless steel, is one that will never go out of style. Nor will its numerous mechanical features and durability.


OK, so now that you’re walked through all the things I have for you today for the topic of the best mens watches under $5000. What do you think? Have you had for yourself a choice yet? If not, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other great choices on my site to choose from. Just take a look and you might find what you’ve been searching for!