From $100 to $150

When it comes to buying mens watches, most people will want a combination of good pricing and great value offered to them. I know it because I’m one of them. And with that in mind, I introduce you to my personal collection of the best mens watches under $150 that I know you will like.

They all come from great brands and offer you a great variety of functions that will surely help you in your daily activities. What are they? And how exactly can they help? Let’s find out below!

NOTE: Prices might vary due to stock availability and promotions


Watch MovementCrystal MaterialCase MaterialBand MaterialSpecial FeaturesPrice
Nautica Men's N14536 NST

Nautica Men's N14536 NST

QuartzMineralSteelResinChronographSee price
Orient Men's CEM65001B Black Mako

Orient Men's CEM65001B Black Mako

AutomaticMineralSteelSteelDay/DateSee price
Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock

Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock

QuartzMineralResinResinChronograph, Dual time Display, Light, Radio controlled, World timeSee price
Invicta Men's 3044 Grand Diver

Invicta Men's 3044 Grand Diver

AutomaticMineralSteelSteelLuminousSee price
Citizen Men's BM8242-08E Eco-Drive

Citizen Men's BM8242-08E Eco-Drive

QuartzMineralSteelLeatherDay/DateSee price

Nautica Men’s N14536 NST

Nautica Men's N14536 NSTThis watch is powered by Japanese quartz. So inside this watch is a thin slice of quartz and it vibrates when introduced to electric charges. The device is known as an electronic oscillator. Japan and Switzerland are considered the greatest makers of this particular kind of watch.

The result is a watch that is very low maintenance (no winding, for example), yet still tells time well and is affordable.

Stainless steel makes up the bezel of this watch, meaning you get both function and fashion in this important feature. The Nautica Men’s N14536 NST can join you for up to 330 feet of water resistance.

You can tell Nautica put some thought into style, when it came to this watch’s design. The black on black band/dial combination gives it a very sporty, yet sophisticated, feel. Speaking of which, the chronograph feature makes it easy to use this watch to meet your fitness goals. It also comes with a calendar, making it easy to get the date with your time at just a single glance.

If you want a watch that will look as good at the gym as it will out with your friends, this model by Nautica is worth a look, to say the least.

Orient Men’s CEM65001B Black Mako

Orient Men's CEM65001B Black MakoThe Orient Men’s CEM65001B Black Mako is a Japanese movement model, meaning it relies on quartz for its power. Aside from the Swiss, the Japanese are considered the best manufacturers of quartz-powered watches. These models work thanks to a thin sheet of quartz inside them that vibrates when exposed to electricity. In turn, this electronic oscillator fuels the watch’s movements.

For you, this means no winding, yet you still get an accurate reading. Plus, this design is far more affordable than more traditional versions.

Despite the modern technology working within this watch, the design is decidedly classic. It has a black face complemented by a stainless steel bezel. The silver band, which is 22 millimeters in length, adds a great look to it as well.

You can wear this watch to a depth of 660 feet in the water and not worry about it working when you resurface.
Aside from the time, this watch also makes it easy to know the day and the date with very clear displays.

Although this is a very affordable watch, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it carries an intimidating price. The Orient Men’s CEM65001B Black Mako is a beautiful combination of fashion and function.

Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 G-Shock

Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-ShockThe Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 G-Shock is powered thanks to a Japanese quartz design. That means that within the watch itself is a tiny device called an electronic oscillator. This device works thanks to a thin shred of quartz that produces power when it comes into contact with electronic charges.

So you can wear this G-Shock forever and never stop to charge it. Despite this low maintenance, G-Shocks are a very affordable option, saving you time and money.

One of the main features about G-Shock watches is their fashion forward design. Their bulky display is distinctly masculine and demands attention. Onlookers will immediately notice its exposed bulky screws, textured band and the multiple displays it carries on the dial. These displays are all protected by mineral crystal, too, so you don’t have to worry too much about them becoming distorted by scratches.

You can’t beat this watch in terms of features. You can check the time in 48 different cities across 31 time zones. If you want a stop watch, you have one that can keep time down to 1/1000th of a second.

The Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 G-Shock is a fun, yet affordable, watch that every man should add to his collection.

Invicta Men’s 3044 Grand Diver

Invicta Men's 3044 Grand DiverThis model works on a design known as Japanese movement. Some of the best and most affordable watches come from Japan thanks to how their designed in terms of power source. The Invicta Men’s 3044 Grand Diver has a mechanism within it that winds the watch’s main spring whenever you wrist moves.

Traditionally winding a watch up was something you had to remember to do and then achieve manually. So Invicta has rendered a classical design more modern with their Japanese component device.

A testament to this modern design is the fact that this watch can sustain 1,000 feet deep in water and still work just fine. At 15.84 ounces, it’s a great choice for all kinds of athletic activity, yet its style is definitely ready for work or formal events.

Speaking of style, you can’t go wrong with the 49 millimeter face on this watch, which makes showing off its analog display easy. Plus, the stainless steel band is as good at grabbing attention as it is for withstanding normal wear and tear.

The Invicta Men’s 3044 Grand Diver is a great watch for men who demand more than just a pretty face from their choice.

Citizen Men’s BM8242-08E Eco-Drive

Citizen Men's BM8242-08E Eco-DriveOne of the nicest things about the Citizen Men’s BM8242-08E Eco-Drive watch is that it’s powered by Japanese quartz. So you don’t have to worry about constantly checking on it to ensure it’s still working or to see if it needs to be rewound.

That’s because inside the watch is an electronic oscillator that works with a thin band of quartz. Basically, as electrical charges are introduced to the quarts, more power is sourced to the watch. The Japanese are considered as good, if not better, at making this type of watch as the highly regarded Swiss.

Despite this handy advantage, the Eco-Drive is still a very affordable watch.

Citizen has made an unforgettable watch in terms of style. Its black face is encircled in gold, with gold hands and numbers jumping right off their background too. The fact that it’s stainless steel should only make you like the watch more. Then they added a brown pigskin leather band. No one will confuse this watch with any other in the room.

At just 20 millimeters wide, the band isn’t diminutive, nor does it seem out of place.

If you want a good standby for casual—but not too casual—attire or wearing with other brown accessories to a formal occasion, the Citizen Men’s BM8242-08E Eco-Drive deserves your attention.


That’s what I have for you today in terms of the best mens watches under $150. In case you couldn’t find for yourself one great product, I still have for you many other great collections on my websites. So check them out! Don’t leave empty handed!