Timex T78677 Review

Timex T78677 reviewTo look stylish is important to create a good impression. A good impression helps us not in only personal life but also has an impact on how we are perceived professionally. It is a known fact that whether it is our personal life or our professional life, the way we dress up and carry ourselves makes a huge differences.

For men a right watch is as important a part of the attire as are the right clothes. What can be better than a watch that would look amazing even in a professional circle and would look equally superb in a casual gathering of friends or for day to day wear? The Timex Men’s T78677 “Classics” Gold-Tone Digital Dress Watch with Expansion Band offers it all.

The digital display makes it great for casual wear and the gold tone makes it a perfect fit for formal occasions.


It is powered by one of the best technologies in the world; quartz and has a digital time display. Quartz is an ideal material to use as an oscillator.

First of all, it loses very little energy as it vibrates, so the vibrations are extremely steady. Secondly, it exhibits what scientists call the “piezoelectric effect,” meaning that it vibrates in response to an electric charge and, conversely, generates voltage when it vibrates.

This quality is central to the way a quartz watch operates. The tiny piece of quartz serves as the watch’s “oscillator.” All timepieces have an oscillator of some sort- an object which, through its continuous, unvarying motions, “tells” a watch or clock how much time has passed.

Gorgeous dial

The dial is very trendy. It has a very contemporary look. It is grey in color and has a gold tone stationary bezel. Together they are perfect in appearance with the band and look absolutely gorgeous.

The dial is simple, elegant yet very attractive and also has all the things one really needs in a watch. Its features include night-light, which makes the process of time keeping very easy even in the dark.

It offers 1/100-second measurement and along with that it has utility features like daily alarm, and month, day, and date display. The dial is protected by protective mineral window.

Smashing strap

The classic gold tone gives the strap and the watch a very elegant look .It looks like a niche watch with a lot of grace and elegance. It is made of stainless steel, which means it is very sturdy and is more reliable than other materials like fabric etc., which are prone to tears. It has expansive band which makes it very convenient and comfortable.

Key features

  • Name: Timex Men’s T78677 “Classics” Gold-Tone Digital Dress Watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Chronograph

Full list of awesome features here!


The watch is a great investment; its unique looks make it perfect for all kinds of occasions, now who wouldn’t one?