Timex T5K588 Review

Timex T5K588 reviewTimex Group B.V is relatively one of the leading companies that offer wristwatches for men. The headquarters of this company are situated in Middlebury Connecticut but it also has operations in the Philippines, India and China.

The company can fulfill all the desire and needs of people in terms of stylish and high quality wristwatches. To buy wristwatch is an investment, therefore, you should not waste your money in buying low class wristwatches. It will be better to buy products from a reliable and trusted manufacturer only.

One of the best selling wristwatches created by Timex is the Timex T5K588. It is a very popular watch because of its excellent function, style and design. It is a great item suitable for sporty men and even those who love to wear sporty yet classy watches.

Watch Movement

The product is in digital type. It also has Quartz movement with excellent digital design. Tap Screen technology operates the movement of this watch.

It also has durable band with some cut-outs. The acrylic crystal dial window of the watch is also protected. T5K588 is equipped with several features that make the product an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts. It can satisfy the demand of men for excellent wristwatches for sure.

You can wear this timepiece anywhere and anytime, even under water because it is waterproof. This item can work perfectly for those men who are involved in some physical activities or trainings because this item can help them monitor cadence, distance, pace and time.

The product comes with a sensor that can work even without GPS. The stopwatch and timers setting of the watch is also excellent.

The lap management features of this watch can also allow users acquire easy access to the 250 laps of the training logs. Timex T5K588 also comes with nutrition and hydration alarms that anyone will love.

Watch Design

The design of the product is also excellent. The product can work perfectly to those people who are undergoing some physical trainings because the watch includes several features that can help athletes to monitor their cadence, distance, pace and time.

The design of this product is one of the best reasons why it became a best-selling timepiece. The thickness of its case is measured is 12 mm and its diameter is 44 mm. The material of the product’s case is Resin. The color of its band is black while its dial color is silver.

Materials and Components

Timex is indeed one of the excellent manufacturers of wristwatches. Almost all watches of Timex are excellent and contain best features.

The manufacturers of this watch continually aim for innovation to meet and satisfy the demand for efficient wristwatches.

To buy this product is indeed a smart choice. If you are planning to buy a wristwatch, make sure that you will buy from reliable and trusted manufacturers like Timex Group B.V.


  • The product comes with sensor that can work even without GPS
  • Sensor works that can monitor cadence, distance, pace and time
  • It comes with oval fitness logo on case
  • TapScreen Technology
  • Protected Acrylic dial window
  • It also comes with buckle closure.
  • Indiglo night light
  • Date and day calendar
  • It is water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


Sensory Works and setting – the product is perfect for most athletic men because they can wear it comfortably while doing some physical trainings. The product comes with a sensory setting that allows them to track the cadence, distance, pace and time accurately.

Water Resistant – this men’s watch is also waterproof that is why users of this item can wear it even under the water without worrying if the item will acquire some damages.

Manufactured by a reliable manufacturer – Timex is an international and well known company that offers wristwatches. If you buy a watch from Timex, you can have the assurance that the item that you bought is authentic and durable.

Versatility – you can also wear and use this item during different occasions because the design of it is flexible and versatile.

Stopwatch and timer setting – athletic people can use it as a stopwatch and timer.


Some people hesitate to buy Timex T5K588 because it is expensive. But, if you will consider its function and efficiency, you will realize that its cost is just reasonable.


Overall, Timex T5K588 is a perfect and ideal wristwatch for athletic men. To buy this item is indeed a great choice.