Timex T49854 Review

Timex T49854 reviewIf you have always been waiting for the right time, stop because the right time is here. With the Timex T49854 Expedition Digital Water Resistant Watch, all the time in the world will be right. It is an absolutely marvelous watch, a watch that will be appreciated by everybody around you.

With a watch that looks so powerful on wrist you will certainly find motivation in believing that this is the right time to do all that you have wanted to do. Take on an expedition with this sturdy muscular watch and you will find yourselves an excellent companion. The big black dial and the gorgeous brown strap will certainly make you a popular guy.


This sporty, adventurous watch is powered by quartz. Quartz is a technology that has swept all the watch lovers off their feet. Quartz is a crystalline mineral, silicon dioxide that is found in abundance in the earth’s crust and is the principal component of sand.

The major component of the quartz watch is an oscillator. Quartz watch measures time by means of a paper-thin piece of synthetic quartz. The quartz vibrates very quickly in response to an electric charge; it is these vibrations that enable the watch to keep time.

Quartz watches have either an analog dial, with rotating hands, or a digital display, which shows the time with numbers analog watches have quartz movements.. Most All digital ones do. This beautiful time piece also has digital display.


The dial is very sporty, it has the kind of looks that make you want to go out and explore the world with this watch on your wrist. It is loaded with features and has the beautiful black color.

It has night-light and 100-hour chronograph with lap and split option. The watch also has hydration alarm along with 24-hour countdown timer.

The watch also utility features like Dual mode alarm which offers vibration and audible alert with 3 alarms. It also has Occasion mode which means it has 15 preset occasions to set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and appointments.

Now these reminders are something that will make every man’s life a lot easier. The watch is Water resistant to 330 feet (100 M) and has acrylic window material for the dial. It has a stationary resin bezel which adds more to its sporty looks.


The brown resin strap makes it look very adventurous and very classy. It gives the watch a very different look. The color combination looks very good and manly.


There is never a wrong time to initiatives and to do what you want with your life, need a little push get this time keeping piece and you are all set to go!