Timex T49851 Review

Timex T49851 reviewMen- an unusual kind of human being which is known for its quality of forgetting special dates! He is rugged and doesn’t bother much about his accessories to be maintained and kept tenderly. This creature is result oriented; everything he seeds has to bear fruits. So, he sometimes ignores his health. You must be nodding if you belong to the same community.

But if you are a woman reading this, then you must be laughing and enjoying reading this. However no matter which gender you belong to, you would need a perfect solution for these and a watch can do all this for you other than telling you the right time. It’s the Timex T49851 Expedition Digital watch!

A perfect masculine watch made for a rugged guy. Hydration alarm monitors the fluid intake to ensure that you stay healthy and happy. Occasion mode offers 15 preset occasions to set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and appointments. So now this is called something “more than a watch”!

The movement

Quartz watches are much more accurate. That’s because the oscillator of a quartz watch, the little piece of quartz, is a much steadier oscillator than the balance wheel of a mechanical watch.

It’s a basic rule of timekeeping that the steadier an oscillator, the more accurate the timepiece. Electronic circuitry in quartz watches enables them to perform amazing feats that would be impossible with a mechanical watch.

“Dial” goes digital

A modern looking watch deserves a digital watch and a sporty person can easily relate to the profile. The whole dial of this Timex watch reads the main features which can help you to flaunt those without even using them.

Earthy bezel in the form of compass gives the whole watch an adventurous feel. Crowns are not at all in their conventional shapes as they are kept flat unlike the round rotating ones. You might miss the fashion element in it but this is not at all made to fulfill that purpose.

Quality “Band”

The watch straps from resin are durable because they are long lasting and flexible. The durability of the resin watch straps is accounted for by its content of higher rubber content. These watch straps are highly used in sports watches just because of the strength they offer. These don’t crack easily the way rubber or plastic bands fail.

Key features

  • Name: Timex T49851 Expedition
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Black resin
  • Special features: Water resistant, vibration alarm, occasion mode and hydration alarm

Full list of awesome features here!

Final note

Creating a relationship with nature nourishes like no technology can. We feel most alive when we’re furthest from life’s routine. The air seems fresher when we ski unmarked slopes, define our own trail, or escape to our secluded fishing spot.

Timex Expedition watches reflect the secluded terrain that inspires adventure, and are built to endure the depths and elements you subject yourself to. This watch sets an example for expedition range and has been liked by many.