Timex T49831 Review

Timex T49831 reviewAccuracy and functionality are two of the common factors most people are thinking about when looking to purchase a new timepiece. The same with these people, Timex also considers them with the timepieces they create. That makes the company a sought after brand when it comes to the delivery of high quality watches.

Timex has been recognized as one of well known watch companies in the United States. With its incessant popularity, Timex ensures that they meet the time keeping needs of their patrons by designing and introducing more innovative timepieces. One of its timepieces creating a lot of buzz in the market today is Timex T49831.

The Movement

This Timex Timex T49831 Expedition Watch is powered by Quartz movement type with an analog display form.

Timex considers a lot about their customers upon designing this watch, as they complement it with the powerful quartz movement.

With this form of movement, you can ensure that the piece will offer merely a consistent approach of measuring time. This is true even on the wide variety of external conditions. Time keeping accuracy is guaranteed with presence of this technology.

Great Design

Matching all the components found with this timepiece, you will form an excellent watch with great design.

It is a form of watch that boasts its attractive, sporty look, which is perfect for those people who are active in the different sports or any other active activities.

It display a bold, strong look best suited for any active man. If you are a sporty man, conscious about time keeping, this piece from Timex must perfectly suit you.

The Materials Used

This Timex Men’s Expedition Rugged Analog Watch comes with a black, round dial. It displays white Roman numeral indexes on even hours. Its dial window is made up of acrylic type of material, making it light and at the same time durable for a watch.

Its clasp is complemented with a buckle for secure locking mechanism. In addition, its metal stamp is made up of stainless steel adding to its dependable durability.

The case and the bezel are both created from resin material, which complements to the whole construction of the timepiece.

A black, durable resin case and bezel frame the dial, whereas a window made from mineral crystal protects the timepiece from nicks and scratches. The band of this timepiece is also made with resin material.


Measures Seconds – This timepiece from Timex measures seconds, which lets you guarantee for its accurate reading.

Luminous Technology – While it could be intimidating not to be able to read the right time during dark conditions, this is not the issue with the Timex Expedition. Even during low light conditions, you can make sure that this watch helps you with easy time reading because of its Indigo night-light.

Water Resistant – Even with the need to use the timepiece on wet conditions, you can make sure that this watch is your best friend. With its water-resistant feature, you may also use it on your swimming activities. It is water resistant for up to the depth of 50 m or 165 feet.

24-Hour Time – It displays 24-hour time, making sure that you are aware of the time as always.

Full list of awesome features here!


Favorably Affordable – Purchasing this timepiece offers you a great deal with its affordable price, but excellent features and functionalities.

Light – With the materials used to produce the product, it is no longer surprising how it acquires its lightness. However, even with its light weight, you can guarantee that it will offer dependable durability.

Comfortable Use – While this watch features light yet durable materials, it ensures to provide great comfort once used. This makes the product ideal for those people who want to keep a track of time but don’t want feel the hassle of bulky pieces.

Accurate – This watch is supported with second measuring, making sure that the time you will read is accurate. Its accuracy is the common positive feedback the product acquires from its users.

Easy Maintenance – Since the timepiece is durable, you can make sure that it will provide you easy maintenance feature. This must be a great thing to have from a watch.


One complaint mentioned by users of this timepiece is the malfunctioning of the bezel timer. However, all in all, this unit is great for its price.


In general, this Timex T49831 has a lot to offer in terms of providing accuracy and functionality. Hence, it is highly suggested for everyone looking for a high quality timepiece.