Timex T45181 Review

Timex T45181 reviewMost of the guys as a kid have played some spot and shoot sort of child games adorning the hat of a military guy. Because as a kid, the first image of masculinity is created through uniform guys. Picking that thought, Timex has created a perfect timepiece for that rugged side of yours!

Timex T45181 Expedition Men’s watch features a large olive green resin watch case that’s topped by an olive bi-directional rotating bezel with black elapsed time markings. Combination of analog and digital display gains a big round of applause. The whole look of the watch goes perfectly well with the range it comes from- EXPEDITION!

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement is much more accurate than mechanical ones. That’s because the oscillator of a quartz watch, the little piece of quartz, is a much steadier oscillator than the balance wheel of a mechanical watch.

It’s a basic rule of timekeeping that the steadier an oscillator, the more accurate the timepiece. Quartz watches generally gain or lose no more than a minute or two a year. Because they’re so accurate, quartz watches can time extremely short periods of time.

“Dial” for men

No matter whatever we get in life, we still have some desire left unfulfilled. This is because we want the best of both worlds! You name it and they have it.

Designed for active, outdoor lifestyles–as well as the rigors of harsh urban landscapes–the full-sized Timex analog/digital men’s watch adds a stylish yet rugged complement to your everyday wear. It features a large olive resin watch case that’s topped by an olive bi-directional rotating bezel with black elapsed time markings.

Olive color paired up with black and beige makes it look like a military watch which is the other name of masculinity. The brown dial includes large stick markers, arrow-tipped luminous hands (with red seconds hand), and small minute indexes.

It also features a digital window at the bottom of the dial, which offers the ability to track three time zones, a 24-hour chronograph (with lap/split option), 24-hour countdown timer, and an alarm.

The Timex Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The Night Mode feature allows you to illuminate the Indiglo night-light for 3 seconds with any button press, regardless of the mode or function.

The Band

Nylon watch straps had their origins in the military and goes perfectly with this particular Expedition watch. These make somebody look very young and at ease. This won’t get hampered with the sweat of your wrist the way leather gets troubled. Nylon straps are called ‘ribbon’ straps as well.

Key features

  • Name: Timex T45181 men’s watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Nylon
  • Special features: Lap and Split Times, Luminous and water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


We feel most alive when we’re furthest from life’s routine. The air seems fresher when we ski unmarked slopes, define our own trail, or escape to our secluded fishing spot. Creating a relationship with nature nourishes like no technology can. Timex Expedition watches reflect the secluded terrain that inspires adventure, and are built to endure the depths and elements you subject yourself to.