Timex T41711 Review

Timex T41711 review“Time is gold” This is indeed true with Timex. Timex is a popular brand of watches and is the name that is continuously creating a buzz in the market because of its consistent production and delivery of timepieces.

Timex has proved a lot in its several years of delivering quality timepieces. Hence, it is no longer surprising how it was able to design and create more innovative and functional forms of timepieces, which include the Timex T41711.

This exceptional timepiece for men is providing a lot of benefits to people around the globe. Read on to discover how this amazing watch takes the timepiece industry by storm.

The Movement

Timex never fails to amaze everyone with its continuous creation of excellent products in the form of Timex T41711.

The timepiece is powered by Quartz movement, which is complemented with its analog display. While it comes with the quartz movement, you can make sure that it will provide only consistent way to measure time even on an extensive variety of environmental conditions.

Timex considers the user prior to the creation of this timepiece that is why every man can ensure that this unit boasts great efficiency.

The Watch’s Design

The design of this Timex piece is ideal for outdoors. Prepare to go to the excellent outdoors for your weekend of mountain biking or hiking without neglecting of time through the use of this T41711 Camper watch from Timex.

Its design is truly suitable for the outdoor-loving individuals, who want to keep up with style while on the adventurous outdoors. It contains a perfect casing that will surely look good on everyone who wears it.

Reliable Materials

Combining great movement type and attractive design, you will get the best of T41711. It features a brown, round resin case in medium size, which will be able to take on the licking. It houses a dial background in color black with full Arabic display in numeral.

Along with this, it also comes with a nylon grosgrain strap within olive. The dial window is made of acrylic material, while the bezel is made of Resin material that secures durability for the unit.

Hence, with these materials that make up the timepiece, you can surely guarantee that your purchase of it will be on its great worth.

This is along with the fact that it is created by one of the most well recognized timepiece manufacturers, Timex.


Roman Numeral Face – With its roman numeral face, this Timex timepiece indeed boasts great looks. Hence, looking attractive for every military-like man.

Second Timekeeping – It also comes with second timekeeping, making sure that you are keeping track of the right time accurately. With this feature, you will find it easy to read the time.

Water Resistant – This unit is water-resistant for up to the depth of 99 feet or 30 m. Hence, it becomes a great buddy for your wet outdoor activities.

Full list of awesome features here!


Attractive – This Timex T41711 is just so cool, looking really attractive on men. It looks so muscular because of its military style and color.

Durable – Due to the dependable materials used to produce this watch, everyone can guarantee of its durability. Its inclusive durability makes this watch an excellent casual and sports watch. It is a solid watch that comes with solid construction.

Cost Effective – With the great functionality and style of this watch, you will certainly find it attractive to purchase for your casual wearing of timepiece.

Fits Perfectly – The watch comes with an adjustable strap, so you can adjust it to your desire, making sure that it fits your wrist perfectly.

Plastic Casing And Fabric Band – These components of the timepiece make the product an ideal choice for those who are cannot stand the metal elements brought by other watches made of different materials.


One thing some customers complain about the use of this timepiece is the loud ticking it produces. Some of them even mentioned of having to keep the watch in a secluded space in order to avoid it from getting in the way of their sleep at night. On the other hand, when talking about the watch as a whole, with its stylishness and functionality, it is indeed a great unit to have.


If efficiency and style are also you are looking for a watch along with budget, this mens’s watch from Timex should fill all your desires. Timex T41711 is recommended for every man looking for a manly watch but within their budget.