Timex T2N694 Review

Timex T2N694 reviewTimex is regarded as one of the most popular watch manufacturers of all time. If you have seen their famous advertisement, you will be amazed by its most famous watch, the Timex Men’s Sport Collection Watch.

This watch is made to last in the most difficult sporting adventures. Timex even has graced the wrist of a lot of athletes and sportsmen all over the world, and now the company have come up the original sport collection with the latest Timex T2N694 Sport Watch.

Product Main Traits

A comfy, state of the art timepiece for daily wear, the new sport collection watch from Timex measures 43 millimeter diameter black metal case ion plated, ten millimeters thick Black dial along with white numbers and indices.

It comes with hand analog movement, a date display window, an indiglo night light for stress free low light reading, 20 millimeter large resin band with modifiable buckle clasp.

This state of the art sport watches collection from Casio is water resistant up to fifty meters or 5 ATM and backed by company’s limited warranty.

The numerals inside the watch as a matter of fact are silver and not white as what others think. On the other hand it is cleared up easily by the backlight that shines brightly. The best thing about this product which many sportsmen love is the weight. This is very lightweight and keeps good track of time.

One remarkable thing about this watch is that it never looks obsolete. This sport collection watch from Casio doesn’t need to try to appear good so as stand out, these durable and sophisticated sport watches have an appeal of their own.

There is a tiny arrow that points toward a channel on the rear of the two o clock position. This is your guide to open the rear when you are replacing the battery. It has a loud movement which you can hear if it is quiet.

Additional Features

As far as the look is concerned, the Timex T2N694 Sport Collection Watch has masculine look and the features which allow a lot of active sportsmen both experienced and novice get the features they need so as to push themselves to greater fitness.

This watch features a very comfortable rubber wrist band and an extensive digital display, which clearly allows user to see easily the running time. This state of the art sport watch from Casio allows users to do interval training at the same time offers the memory features to record many laps in training.

With the addition of the company’s renowned indiglo light system which utilizes less battery energy compared to some night light systems, you’ll be capable to take this watch in all the things you do and just about any other things your exercise takes you to.

Full list of awesome features here!


It is given a fact that Timex watches are really exceptional when it comes to features and advantages. The Timex sport collection watch is indeed one great product with lots of benefits such as:

Comfortable to Wear: Because of its resin band, this watch is incredibly at ease to wear. It is very lightweight and the band made of resin is so great. The dial is bigger than the previous old school, military design timepieces which the company seems to have many variations and really greats to the wrist as its fashionable design.

Very Functional: This watch is very functional, it lights up in the dark so as to accurately see the time

Classic yet Elegant: A lot of users love the size of this timepiece as well as the minimalism of the dial. The strap is safe to your skin. This is a great timepiece which you can wear casually and don’t worry about scratching up the bracelet or getting the strap wet.

Inexpensive: Compared to other sport collection watches out there, this sport watch from Timex is very reasonable yet sustain its utmost functionality and reliability.


If you are in the market looking for reasonable sport watch, then consider Timex T2N694 Sport Collection Watch. This is packed with essential features making this watch a good investment.