Timex T2N647 Review

Timex T2N647 reviewIts weekend! Nothing is as pleasing as this sentence which you read in the opening. You tend to forget all pains and tensions as if they never existed in your life. But now onwards, “its WEEKENDER” will give you more delight than “Its weekend”.

We are talking about Timex T2N647 “Weekender” Men’s Watch. Enjoy a long-standing favorite in American timepieces with this Timex watch, whose nylon strap provides casual appeal while time-tested construction lends reliability. Brass case holds a sober black colored dial which has Indiglo light.

Quartz Movement

Electronic circuitry in quartz watches enables them to perform amazing feats that would be impossible with a mechanical watch. Quartz movement is powered by a battery. It is called quartz movement because the battery works in combination with a quartz crystal.

The battery passes an electric current through the crystal to keep it oscillating. Quartz is accurate and generally gains or loses no more than a minute a year.

Do it with “Dial”

Fashionistas are commonly seen praising the color black. Simple reason behind is that it goes well with all other colors, seasons and times. A day party can be charmed with this watch and nights can simply get bright.

The 24-hour time and Indiglo® night-light make this timepiece truly unique. The dial is protected by a mineral crystal, which covers the luminous hands powered by analog quartz movement.

Red colored second hand breaks the monotony of black and adds a style element. Dual time adds the utility whereas branding adds the flaunt factor.

A relaxed style featuring the Timex tradition of quality craftsmanship, this watch is the everyday timepiece you have been waiting for.

Black “Band”

Nylon straps most commonly called ‘ribbon’ straps. These watch straps had their origins in the military and look completely stylish. These make somebody look very young and at ease. This won’t get hampered with the sweat of your wrist the way leather gets troubled.

Key features

  • Name: Timex T2N647 “Weekender” Men’s Watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Nylon
  • Special features: Indiglo light, dual time

Full list of awesome features here!


The Timex Men’s Weekender Black Slip through Strap Watch offers casual, yet fashionable styling for the relaxed lifestyle. The black slip through strap makes this an ideal accessory for any wardrobe. Black color makes it a complete hit!