Timex T20041 Review

Timex T20041 reviewDuring World War II, Waterbury renamed itself U.S. Time Company. In 1950 the company introduced a wristwatch called the Timex. Over the next three decades, Timex was sold through a series of advertisements which emphasized its durability by putting the watch through “torture tests,” such as falling over the Grand Coulee Dam or being strapped to the propeller of an outboard motor, with the slogan “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

The company later became Timex Corporation, then Timex Group and, to date, has sold over one billion watches. From those numbers of watches, Timex T20041 is unique in its own sober and low profile approach. White usually called “no color” adds the best shade to this timepiece.

Quartz “Movement”

Quartz watches hardy need much maintenance as mechanical ones and these are accurate too. That’s because the oscillator of a quartz watch, the little piece of quartz, is a much steadier oscillator than the balance wheel of a mechanical watch. It’s a basic rule of timekeeping that the steadier an oscillator, the more accurate the timepiece.

Another advantage of a quartz watch is that, unlike a mechanical watch, which has a mainspring, quartz watch needs no winding. And quartz-powered watches can be made thinner than mechanical ones. The latter require regular cleaning and oiling, which can be a time consuming and expensive process. With a quartz watch, an inexpensive, while-you-wait battery change is all you need.

Clean “Dial”

As mentioned earlier, white usually called “no color” brings on the best shade to this watch. So it breaks the usual notion popularized by it.

Black numerals are perfectly sized and help in reading the time at one single glance. This practical Timex timepiece displays a refined sense of style with 35mm diameter silver-tone metal case.

The Indiglo® lamp uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial in a manner that makes the dial read very easily in dark surroundings. Date and day window is right next to the 3 o’clock. This by the way comes with one-year limited manufacturer warranty. Water resistant to 30 m finally garnishes the whole platter of features.

Calfskin leather “Band”

Leather band looks classy and gives the best grip which tends to loose in metal bracelets. This being a fabric leaves no chance of grabbing the wrist hair. Expensive look can be achieved by adding leather to any apparel or accessory and this is seen in this timepiece too. Brown color is also in its darker shade and can go with the other black accessory too.

Key features

  • Name: Men’s Timex T20041 Brown Watch
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band: Brown calfskin leather
  • Special features: Calender, Indiglo light and water resistant to 30 m

Full list of awesome features here!

Bottom line

Honestly ask yourself how often you have used all those “over and above” features of a watch. We hardly use high end features every day. One can go for this watch as it offers the basic function in a subtle style. Indiglo light is a plus at this price.