Tag Heuer WAU1112.BA0858 Review

Tag Heuer WAU1112.BA0858 reviewTag Heuer is a luxury brand of watch. The beginning popularity of the brand then became the instant motto in the Swiss watch market and one that led to becoming a legend. The brand has since then been claimed as the Swiss Avante Garde.

Tag Heuer symbolizes precision and innovation, and one that men enjoyed owning since it first became popular. All the line of watches from the brand is considered as good options for buyers, and Tag Heuer WAU1112.BA0858 is no different from the rest.

The model became the trusted stylish companion of men and also one that you will want to stay by your side always. This watch featuring a date display, silver band made of stainless steel, black analog, and seconds sub-dial is a must have in your collection. Find out more of what you can like about this Tag Heuer timepiece!

Watch Movement

The brand of watch is known for Swiss movements. But a quartz movement is what is chosen for this watch, still making it a nice choice. Many luxury models of watch are using mechanical movement.

However, one edge of this movement from the latter is its being a bit more accurate. This edge ensures precision measurement of the device more since it guarantees meeting more of your scientific standards. Integrating this movement made the item function much better.

Watch Design

Tag Heuer WAU1112.BA0858 features a surface surrounded by all black and with unidirectional bezel made of stainless steel.

The black color in contrast to its surrounding silver made up for that classy look that men are always after. The hands as well as markers of the watch are luminescent adding increased visibility to users.

Watches of this kind with many functions are very easy to look quite jumbled, but not this one. Instead its high contrasting design adds sharpness to its look and that orderly feel even at the first glance.

The small dial is accented with spiral pattern making it distinguishable from the overall appearance.

Watch Materials

This Tag Heuer watch is made of durable materials. Most of the components are made from stainless steel from the case, band up to the bezel.

The bezel looks and feels smooth giving users a comfortable timepiece to wear every day or certain events. The crystal is made from sapphire adding more character to its entirety.


Stop Watch – The timepiece may look that classy, but carries a function that only most sports watch has. This chronometer feature makes it a nice option for sports men.

Luminous – Darkness is a huge enemy especially if you are doing something that entails keeping track of time. The luminous design makes it easy to see the time without focusing too much on where the hands point.

Tachymeter – Measurement of speed is a rare function that any timepiece is designed with. From the name of itself – Formula 1 – speed is essential to be determined, which you are given the means to know with this watch.

Date, Hour, Minute and Second – Every second that pass is clearly indicated and can be determined using this. Again, it makes this a good option for sports men, including people who are so conscious of the time.

Full list of awesome features here!


Classy Watch – If there is one thing that can be noticed from this easily, it would be its classy appearance. It may be subtle and simple-looking but that is what class is. Not overwhelming, but you know it is there.

Quality and Style – A band in a classic style with a more than nice looking watch. Its large head makes it a good option for daily use. Add the separate second-hand dial and the great price it is offered and you have got yourself a nice watch to wear.

Luminescent Hands and Markers – Lets you keep track of time even without much light present.

Scratch Resistant – This is made possible because of the sapphire crystal it features making the item past the sturdiness aspect.

Water Resistant – The feature makes it a nice option for divers. Lets them know the time even underwater. Remains water resistant up to 200 meters underwater.


Some buyers reported a tiny bit of problem with its winding stem. Hence it reminds consumers to get their warranty for such possibility. Others pointed out that they did not experience any problem with the stem at all.


Watches are always designed either for style or sporty look and function, or both. But Tag Heuer WAU1112.BA0858 offers more than these. It has that smarty look complete with the ability to measure speed, safety, and of course, time giving you something you can invest in.