Invicta 8928OB Review

Invicta 8928OB reviewInvicta is one of the latest brands of watch that is highly in demand on the market. One of its common models is the Invicta 8928OB. This timepiece highlights excellent features, styles and designs that really determine its convenience and extravagance when used.

Thus, if you are longing to acquire something different and luxurious in terms of the watch, this model 8928OB of Invicta watches is perfect for you.

Automatic Movement

This watch is primarily driven by Japanese automatic watch movement. It means that even without a battery, you can always have the capability to run the watch.

This is through wearing it at all times. The numerals in the watch are all clear and readable. That is why, you are assured that it can always give you a precise time.

Creative Design

This Invicta 8928OB is classically designed that enhances its exceptional sports watch style. It has a two tone type of automatic watch that emphasizes large and round stainless steel case.

The electric dial is colored blue that can be readable even in lower light conditions. This also gives three hand functions having luminous markers and hands that are magnified with date displays.

The detailed hand is very distinct wherein the dial is completely capped with flexible mineral crystal framed by rotating goldtone marks of steel bezel. This is water resistant for almost 200 m underwater.

High Quality Materials

This watch is made from stainless steel materials when it comes to its case and all other parts. The band material is also made from gold plated type of stainless steel.

The band color is silver and the dial color is blue. Through combining these two colors, you are given high percentage of guarantee that you can always read the time accurately and easily.

Component materials wherein this watch is made manifest that this is really an excellent watch you shouldn’t miss to have.


Sophisticated Design – This watch is associated with durable technology and stylish design. This is an ideal timepiece for great outdoors occasions because of its automatic winding technology.

Automatic Watch Movement – This is automatically powered associating the movement of the arm of the wearer without needing the battery.

Protective Mineral Dial – This protects the watch from sudden scratches.

Stainless Steel Component – This watch is made from stainless steel materials. This includes its bezel, luminous and luxurious markers and hands and even the magnified type of date window of the clock positioned at its three o’clock.

Full list of awesome features here!


Operates without Battery – Since this watch is well-known because of its automatic movement, you need not to use any battery. All you have to do is wear it at all times to keep it running systematically and operationally.

Water Resistant – You can always prevent water from going through inside your watch since it is water resistant at about 200 m.

High Quality Design – This also features sophisticated design to make it applicable and convenient to every user. This easily attracts people’s attention and interest.

Durable Watch Movement – This also provides exceptional watch movement which makes it numeral, readable and clear.


This watch is considered to be one of the commonly chosen types of watch. But, there are also some flaws that you might encounter before wearing this watch. This timepiece may fail to function if it will be worn irregularly. To prevent this situation, you need to wear it as often as possible.


This Invicta 8928OB is really an excellent watch you shouldn’t miss to have. After knowing the superb features, styles and designs of this timepiece, you are assured that the entire penny you are going to spend when buying this watch are all worth it. The convenience and great advantages that this watch would be bringing really work. So, make a right choice and see how it satisfies your need!