Invicta 3332 Review

Invicta 3332 reviewThere are different types of watch brand that would always suit to men’s appeal. One of the commonly chosen watch brands that acquire an exceptional edge is Invicta.

They have the newest Invicta 3332 model that highlights features, styles and details of watch. This is perfect for men who are really aspiring for sporty watch that would enhance their fashionable looks and styles. To give more clues about this watch, just keep on reading.

A World-Class Movement

This timepiece is considered to be an exceptional type of watch that is associated with Japanese Quartz movement. All the numbers that are placed in this watch can be easily and clearly read because of its fixed and precise Japanese movement.

This watch gives you the exact time and date of the day. It has also a glow in the dark design.

Great Design

This men’s watch is primarily designed with high quality features and detailed styles. It has stainless steel case having leather type of strap.

It has a display type which is analog style. This is very convenient since it highly emphasized excellent clarity and precision of the numbers in the watch.

The bezel material is also stainless steel which is always stationary having band color which is black. This is also a water resistant watch up to 100 m or 330 feet.

Strong Materials

This Invicta 3332 is purely made of stainless steel from its case, dials and sub-dials and in many other areas.

This is very essential and convenient since stainless steel is known for its great durability and flexibility. The band material is leather that makes it very unique and stunning from other types of watches.

Its color black highly emphasizes luxuriousness and simple design that would mesmerized your eyes and attention upon wearing.


Analog Display – This illuminates low light condition that emphasizes clarity and great precision of time and date display. This is also an excellent watch display for underwater situations.

Japanese Quartz Movement – This timepiece also highlights spectacular watch movement that has an edge among other types of watches. This moves slowly but will give you the exact date and time of the day.

Stainless Steel Component Materials – This watch is completely made from stainless steel which manifests great flexibility and durability. The leather strap of the watch is also associated in its stainless steel case which makes it shiny and glowing to look at. It also features a protective mineral type of crystal dial watch window that prevents sudden scratches.

Great Luminosity- This is a luminous watch that glows and shines even when you are situated in a dark and low lighted place.

Full list of awesome features here!


There are several advantages that you shouldn’t miss to experience upon using this watch and these include the following:

Accurate Time Display – This timepiece can always give you exact time and date.

Readable Numbers – This watch also emphasizes readable numbers. That is why, men can always used this regardless of their age. This is very essential particularly to those old people since the clarity and precision of the numbers is always at its best.

Sophisticated Design – This watch features stainless steel design, making it really appealing and comfortable to look at.

Great Japanese Watch Movement This is very essential since it illuminates in the dark and thus, you can always read the time even if you are situated in a dark place.


The band materials of this product can be easily damaged since it is made from leather. That is why, you need to make sure that you handle this watch with proper care and attention.


This Invicta 3332 is considered to be an excellent men’s watch that you should always spare time to purchase on the market. Because of the high quality features, designs and styles of the watch, you are certain that you will love it!