Invicta 2770 Review

Invicta 2770 reviewA watch has been a very important piece that is normally worn by most men. However, choosing just any watch available around is not a wise move, as picking the best watch means functionality and style.

One of the best and most well known brands of watches these days is Invicta. This company is a well recognized name within the watch industry.

This brand continuously introduces more and more units of watches with more advanced and desirable features. One of newest and most advanced Invicta watches is the Invicta 2770. Learn more about this new amazing watch below.

Accurate Timekeeping

Made perfect for the lefties, this amazing military watch is powered by the automatic or professional Japanese quartz chronograph movements.

They are housed inside the surgical grade cases made of stainless steel. It becomes even more perfect with the complete construction of leather straps, and Trinite luminous hands.

It is submergible up to 100 meters, making it ideal for the lefties ready for war and prepared for peace. The watch features the alluring Japanese Quartz movement with its analog display.

The Watch Design

A contemporary constitution by the autonomous leading Force with some lefty spin is now made advanced with the design of this excellent watch.

With this especially designed chronograph Terra Military men’s watch from Invicta 2770, the unique lefties could easily access the complete timing controls that are positioned on the watch case’s left side.

The model is in classically designed military style, featuring a silvery round stainless steel case complemented with thin bezel which houses a dial background in black.

In addition, it is matched with the tachymeter interior dial and easy-to-read Arabic numerals.

Essential Components

For its dependable durability, this military watch is well built with stainless steel material. The strap is made from pig skin leather adding on its durable components.

This item is in round shape, while the material type of its dial window is mineral. Its clasp comes with a buckle. Its luminous components made to its list of special features. It weighs 1.4 pounds in oversized crown, while water resistant for up to 330 feet.

These features make it an amazing accessory for everyday use.


Left-Handed Perfect Design – The Invicta watch buttons are designed to suit the lefties perfectly, while every man can surely appreciate its high-tech features and polished appearance.

Excellent Construction Features – The exceptional construction features of this unit includes its leather strap, stainless steel case, as well as its dial window in protective mineral crystal.

Three Chronograph Subdials – The subdials could measure time intervals in intervals of 1/60 of one second and the maximum of thirty minutes of elapsed time. Its chronograph features reset, stop, and start functions.

Stainless Steel Crown – The oversized watch’s crown is made of stainless steel, which is screwed down. It makes it an ideal feature for daily use and outdoor sports.

Full list of awesome features here!


Stylishness – The watch is truly attractive, making it a sought after among many men, especially the ones who are left-handed. It features an elegant construction design that makes it perfect for daily use.

Water Resistant – While resistance is an essential factor for any watch, this feature should be a great one to have for your daily watch. This feature makes it an excellent addition on your sport accessories.

Analog Display Type – Its analog display type is a lot better than the digital one, which makes it really attractive for every man. It is supported with its luminous feature, which makes it possible to view the time even with poor lighting.


It is made for left-handed people, so it might not be suitable for the right-handed ones. However, with its stylishness, every man will surely find it attractive.


Complementing style with functionality, this Invicta 2770 is an ideal watch for every man. It comes with innovative features that will surely make the most of your purchase of the product. It is a great deal not only for lefties, but even the right-handed ones. Hence, it should be an excellent choice.