Invicta 0070 Review

Invicta 0070 reviewThe best things that you like in your world are round. Look at the globe, see the wedding ring that you got or you aspire to give or observe a delicious pizza that you crave to eat at times. A man is supposed to be fond of watches and that also comes in round shape in its most cases.

But if that round shape is perfectly stylized with bold numerals and shiny detailing, then that becomes the best round thing to go around with! Invicta 0070 “Pro Diver Collection” Men’s watch comes with a blue colored dial and shining silver colored detailing and stainless steel band takes care of the rest of the style. Silver looks perfect on navy blue and these two colors are considered very royal too. Not only the color but this watch has some amazing features to it as well.

Swiss Quartz “Movement”

A watch that says “Swiss Quartz” is considered to be a proper Swiss watch. However, it is hardly used by manufacturers to merely indicate that the quartz movement is of Swiss origin. Quartz watches are much more accurate than mechanical ones.

That’s because the oscillator of a quartz watch, the little piece of quartz, is a much steadier oscillator than the balance wheel of a mechanical watch. It’s a basic rule of timekeeping that the steadier an oscillator, the more accurate the timepiece.

True Blue “Dial”

Blue is one color that every man associates him with. Keeping this men’s favorite color all over the dial and bezel is a smart option from Invicta.

Classic chronograph styling with contemporary features, this Invicta Pro Diver watch also features a brushed stainless steel case. This stainless steel case provides an ideal foundation for this watch’s rotating bezel with minute markers and its attractive blue dial.

The dial has luminous hands and hour markers, and three subdials at the two, six, and 10 o’clock position. The three subdials are not at all similar in looks with each other, hence variety adds the flavor and it breaks the overall monotony.

There’s also a magnified date window at the four o’clock position to help you keep tabs on your busy schedule. For added style, Invicta included a large crown and two bold buttons on the right-hand side of the case. Other features include precise Swiss quartz movement, a durable flame-fusion crystal, and water resistance to 660 feet (200 meters).

Bold “Band”

Polished stainless steel band that closes with a fold-over safety clasp not only offers strength and safety but presents an ultra sleek style. The pattern is bold and quite masculine in its approach.

Key features

  • Name: Invicta 0070 “Pro Diver Collection”
  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: luminous, stop watch and water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


Things are easy when you don’t have to trouble yourself everyday to ensure that you look cool and stylish. Because when you have one masterpiece, then it makes up for all the blunders that you might end up doing while going to an occasion. Invicta Men’s 0070 “Pro Diver Collection” is one such masterpiece and it can bring out the cool blue person inside you!