Fossil ME1098 Review

Fossil ME1098 reviewWristwatch is one of the most important accessories that a man should have. It is important that men take time to choose the best and suitable wristwatches to their style, working routine and functional style.

One of the leading wristwatches manufacturers is Fossil. It offers wristwatches for both women and men. Fossil’s men watches are all proven effective and durable. One of the best selling Fossil’s men watches is the Fossil ME1098.

Most men love to have Fossil watch because of its efficiency, excellent style and durability. ME1098 is indeed a type of watch that all men should have. Its features and styles can relatively optimize the time management and improve the overall appearance of a man who wears the product.

Watch Movement

Analog chronograph is the display time of this item and the movement of it is Quartz. Most men love to have this men’s watch because of its efficient watch movement.

The product also comes with taupe cutaway and analog dial. Fossil ME1098 has three silver toned chronograph sub dials that can track the elapsed time for up to 24 hours.

The watch movement of the product is also excellent because of its time and day function.

Great Design

The design of this watch is also suitable to the lifestyle and preference of most men. Most men today love the unique and classy design of a wristwatch and ME1098 got their interest in just a short while.

Its design is trendy and stylish because of its beige analog dial and brown leather strap. The analog dial of it comes with index hour markers and silver toned hands.

The manufacturer intentionally used textured taupe as the cutaway pattern of the product to create versatile and flexible design for it.

No doubt, the overall appearance of ME1098 is classy, gorgeous and elegant. Its modern design relatively matches your modern lifestyle.

The design of this model can relatively attract men even at the first glance. It is one of the best selling watches offered by Fossil.

The Materials Used

The leather band is also durable because of its overall component. The bracelet of it is leather which is also a durable material.

The component of it makes it an attractive and stylish wristwatch that can attract the attention of most people.

The three chronograph sub dials of this product allow people to track and monitor the elapsed time for 24 hours.

Although it is not surrounded completely with stainless steel, this product is still durable. It also contains a component that makes the product water resistant.


  • The thickness of product’s case is 14mm and the dimension of the product’s case is 42 mm.
  • The case of the product is stainless steel.
  • The time mechanism of this product is precise and accurate because of its Quartz movement.
  • The width of the watch’s bracelet is 188 mm. The product comes with a stylish brown leather strap. There is also a bezel stainless steel stationary.
  • The product is also water-resistant. The product can withstand water pressure at 165 feet or 50 meters.
  • The product includes additional features such as its three chronograph sub dials for hour, minute and second. There is also a date and day display function.

Full list of awesome features here!


Unique, Classy And Stylish Design – the modern design of this product suits the modern lifestyle of men. The stylish and unique design of this product is one reason that triggers many people to buy Fossil ME1098.

Excellent Function Quality – the manufacturer of this product aim to meet and satisfy the demand of people for excellent product quality and function.

Best Value For Money – to buy this item is a good investment because it is authentic and high quality.

Flexibility And Versatility – you can use the product during special occasions. It is not just an everyday watch because it also perfectly works with your business suits and other casual attire.

Reliable Manufacturer – Fossil is a well known manufacturer of wristwatch for women and men. It is also a trusted manufacturer. If you want to buy wristwatch, it is very important to buy from a reliable manufacturer like Fossil.


Some men said that the product is not durable and it stopped working efficiently over a short period of time. But with proper care, for sure, this watch will work properly over a long period of time.


In general, this watch is classy, unique and made with high quality. Fossil ME1098 is a good choice because the product is high quality and it works well.