Fossil JR1424 Review

Fossil JR1424 reviewFossil is a brand that is continuously creating a buzz in the timepiece industry.

It is one of the well known brands of timepieces that you can usually hear when talking about the best in the market. The brand was established during the year 1984 in period when timepieces were produced more for their functionality rather than fashion.

It was the time when Fossil has started to change the idea with its distinctive blend of vintage design and easily available cool style. Adding in their unique and cool collection is the new unit, Fossil JR1424.

World-Class Movement

To keep up with the accurate time, this Nate watch features the chronograph movement. The chronograph movement is the mechanism towards efficient keeping of time.

It is based on the vibration of quartz crystal. This form of movement in the watch is truly beneficial because you can guarantee that the time being monitored is accurate and correct.

Hence, with chronograph movement, it means that the watch is working with the analog display type.

The Watch’s Design

Continuing their legacy for unique combination of cool style and vintage design, this new Fossil timepiece boasts an alluring design that every fashion-enthusiast man will surely like.

This military-inspired design will have every man looking back at you, desiring they have the same timepiece as yours.

It will be delivered to you just how finely Fossil timepieces are delivered with the brand’s one of a kind, trademark tin, which comes with the watch mixing some creative spirit with that sense of humor.

These tins are the same reason for the popularity of Fossil.

The Materials Used

Fossil JR1424 is really one of a kind. Its luminous minute and hour hands truly stand out, making them or the time easily readable during daytime or even during night.

For additional contrast, the attractive black dial of the watch has been surrounded by the case made of stainless steel.

In addition to this, the dial is also secured with the mineral crystal, which is scratch resistant. So, you can make sure that your timepiece will be on its best condition all the time.

Other features take in the bracelet, which closes with the buckle clasp, while measuring seconds.


Stop Watch – Once you purchase this timepiece, you will get an extra stop watch on the watch you wear. Hence, this makes the watch a useful partner piece during your exercises or workouts.

Date Display Calendar – The unit also comes with a date display calendar that assures you are updated with the present date.

Water Resistant – The watch is water-resistant for up to 165 feet or 5 ATM or 50 meters. With this fact, then you can guarantee to use this amazing timepiece even during wet activities.

Measures Seconds – It also has a chronograph for measuring second, ensuring accuracy of the time.

Full list of awesome features here!


Cost Efficient – The cost efficiency of this product is one of the highlights most consumers are looking into it. For such great construction and design, Fossil JR1424 is truly cost effective for those men on budget but looking for a functional timepiece.

Excellent Color Accent – For a true man, the color scheme of this timepiece will surely look exceptional. It comes with excellent color accent that every man would surely find it attractive.

Huge Dial – Boosting visibility, the watch comes with a huge dial that will suit perfectly those men who love wearing a watch with huge dials.

Stylish – Combining its vintage look with the perfect color accent and size, you will certainly end up with the ideal timepiece created by the reliable Fossil brand. Stylishness is one of the main goals of the company, which they simply accomplished with this new Fossil unit.

Interchangeable Strap – To further complement your style requirement, this unit comes with the interchangeable strap feature. This will help you adjust the looks of your watch depending on your mood and the event you are going to attend as you wear it.


It comes with quite huge dial, which might be unsuitable for some. However, for those who like such style, this timepiece from Fossil boasts a lot.


Blending functionality and style, Fossil JR1424 is something irresistible to be included in your timepiece collection. It comes with a lot of great features that will certainly give you the best watch.