Fossil JR1353 Review

Fossil JR1353 reviewThere are things that are deterrent in defining you. For a man right shoes and a right watch do the trick. In fact a right watch is something that will do the trick for years.

It is what will always enhance your looks and it has the power to make you look dashing at all times. When you a want a watch to do so much for you, the Fossil JR1353 Nate Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch can work wonders for you. With silver and black combination, the dual tones of the watch make it a marvel for the eyes.


This watch is powered by a technology that is used in most of the watches all over the world. This is enough evidence of its reliability and durability. The tiny piece of quartz serves as the watch’s “oscillator.”

All timepieces have an oscillator of some sort- an object which, through its continuous, unvarying motions, “tells” a watch or clock how much time has passed. Quartz is an ideal material to use as an oscillator.

First of all, it loses very little energy as it vibrates, so the vibrations are extremely steady. Secondly, it exhibits what scientists call the “piezoelectric effect,” meaning that it vibrates in response to an electric charge and, conversely, generates voltage when it vibrates. This quality is central to the way a quartz watch operates.


The dial is big and black. It is very attention grabbing and has three silver crowns .This adds to its elegance; the two on each side are a little sleeker than the thicker one in the middle.

It has a stainless stationary bezel, which goes perfectly with the dial.The mineral dial window material is what makes it more resilient and protects it from scratches. It has a deployment buckle which makes the watch fit perfectly on the wrist. It is water resistant up to 165 feet.


The stainless steel strap is a prefect continuation for the black dial. The thing about stainless steel is that it gives everything a very manly appeal. With stainless steel we know for sure that the wearer is masculine and loves macho style. This watch offers stainless trap with a black dial, thereby making it perfect for the alpha male.

Key features

  • Name: Fossil JR1353 Nate Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch
  • Movement: Analog Quartz
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Chronograph, second hand

Full list of awesome features here!


Trying too hard can often work in the negative way for a man who wants to fashionable; with this watch you will have just the right amount of oomph factor and elegance.