Fossil FS4159 Review

Fossil FS4159 reviewSince its establishment in 1984, Fossil has created watches for men and women that withstand the test of time. Fossil watches range from rugged, to professional, to every-day, but always place a premium on craftsmanship and fine materials. In addition to style innovations, Fossil has also helped introduce innovative technologies into watches, such as the Wrist PDA that ran the Palm operating system.

Fossil also offers complementary lines of small leather goods, belts, handbags, sunglasses, jewellery and apparel. If we talk about watches then Fossil not only comes with style and shine but is also provides accuracy. Fossil FS4159 is a complete black watch with no jazzy dial. Everything is kept minimalistic and still it manages to look its best.

Dark “Dial”

Sometimes we have to put a lot of effort to make something work. But this watch has been kept minimalistic to the best of the possibility and this is what makes it noticeable. This classic men’s dress watch with black dial has no extra numerals. Only 4 numerals and small branding is kept.

IP plating, and clear shining stone placed at the 12 o’clock hour marker is one of our most popular styles that Fossil follows. Ultra strong mineral glass dial window has been given which helps prevent scratches. Three hands are subtle and the different shape of case makes it a sleek pick.

With all of this, this timepiece is water-resistant to 165 feet as well.

Black “Band”

Black stainless steel band ensures the durability as steel is one of the most popular element to be used for watch bracelets. You would not have to care much about the weather as it hardly has any impact the way fabrics have. Three chain pattern has been done in a unique way as the chain in the middle is kept broad whereas blocks on the side are small in size.

Key features

  • Name: Fossil FS4159
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


Fossil’s talented designers emphasize creativity and closely monitor trends in order to deliver the watches Fossil’s customers demand. From complicated chronographs, to casual watches with fabric straps, to technologically advanced digital displays, Fossil watches all represent a commitment to functional style. If you are all dressed up then this particular timepiece can act as a cherry on the cake!