Citizen CA0295-58E Review

Citizen CA0295-58E reviewCitizen is brand of watch that has become a huge and known company the last 75 years. Now, Citizen is already recognized as a trusted global brand. 1986 was the year it began getting recognized as the leading and largest watchmaker. It also started making its name in developing and integrating innovative technology in its watches.

The brand became known for many first, including creating the first slimmest LCD in the world. Currently, the company is the first to present eco-friendly watches to the world which is now known as the Eco-Drive collection. Citizen CA0295-58E is one of those included in the collection.

As part of the Eco-Drive collection, the timepiece is powered by a light battery and is described to have embraced that effortless style the selection is known for. There is no longer a need to wind the watch or make sure that it still has a functioning battery. At the end of the day, you will notice not even spending much time in making sure of these and just leave you dealing with other important things.

Watch Movement

Just like the rest of the Citizens model, the timepiece has analogue watch hand with unidirectional design.

It is powered by Japanese Quartz movement that shows accurate time that proves to be up to the millisecond. It is a full benefit, especially to those who are always on a rigid schedule. It got a second hand as well, which can prove to be useful when the need arise.

The mechanism of the movement may be hard to set up, but you will get used to it and use it to its full advantage in a while.

Watch Design

The watch is designed in a solid black color showcasing a very traditional style. The color itself can make a fashion statement, especially to those who are bold enough to do so.

One good thing about this design is the versatile purpose it can b used. It can match with a number of suit types making it a nice timepiece to be worn and shown off in the business world.

Professionals would love showing off this model of Citizen watch, and if you are, it is recommended that you incorporate it to you style.

Watch Materials

The case, band and bezel material of the item is made from stainless steel. Both the band and the dial are in black color while the dial window is made from mineral glass crystal.

The Nighthawk watch model from the brand is also in ion-plated stainless steel case. The combination only shows more of a durable and elegant style fused in one watch made from by one of the world’s most leading timepiece brand.


Nighthawk 60-minute Chronograph – As a Citizen watch named the Nighthawk, it is just fair that its primary feature came from it. Citizen CA0295-58E flight watch is a must have accessory for both novices and professionals.

Eco-Drive Function – No need to fuss just to check whether it still has a functioning battery. Just wear it in the sunlight and the watch would recharged and keep going.

Luminous Button – This feature enables you to keep track of time even in low light conditions through lighting up the face.

Chronograph – It is accurate and can keep track of time in a 60-minute measure for any certain event.

Tachymeter – An integrated function designed to measure speed.

Full list of awesome features here!


Quality Watch at a Great Price – Make a list of all the nice features of Citizen CA0295-58E, line it up beside its price, and you found yourself a quality and stylish watch that came at a good price.

The All-Black Look – As always, color remained an eye-catching color. People would not just look at it, they will give you compliments as well.

Water Resistant – Love the functions of a sports watch, specifically its ability to resist and get affected by the water element? Citizen got it covered in this. You get an elegant watch that lets you keep track of time even on diving trips and up to 660 feet underwater.

Nicely Integrated Design – This includes sturdy quartz crystal for face covering making it scratch resistant as well. You bought yourself a long time of showing this elegant product off to wherever you go.

Watch Dimension – It may look larger, but in truth it is only in average size making it a perfect fit for males with average wrist size.


Some buyers reported that it glows in the dark, but does not stay for too long.


Even with that one drawback, the overall value that Citizen CA0295-58E can provide is still the same. The size, its appearance and durability, and weight are all satisfying when combined all. If you are after a stylish and real elegant watch that can still work on different circumstances, this Citizen watch got it all covered for you at a reasonable price.