Citizen BL5470-57L Review

Citizen BL5470-57L reviewA brand that has continued making a name in the watch industry and still does up to now, that is what Citizen is. It is a brand known for the quality watches it makes, thus its growing number of loyal customers.

The brand is also known to develop so many innovations integrated in its watches making a leading name in this aspect as well. Eco-Drive collection is just one of the popular selections of watches it continued to grow from the past years.

It is in this same collection where Citizen BL5470-57L belongs. Just like the rest, this makes the item great to invest in. It is an attractive piece of technology that you can look at immediately after working on it.

Watch Movement

Citizen BL5470-57L uses a Japanese Quartz movement, which is expected since almost all models from Citizen is integrated with this.

Integrating this movement in the item made it more ensured to provide you with accurate time measurement that goes up to the millisecond.

An advantage to this is it makes a perfect timepiece for people who are always keeping a strict schedule, which is true for most professionals.

Watch Design

One thing that can be easily said to this is it is a piece of watch that offers both style and function. It has a case made from stainless steel and approximately measures 44 mm wide as well as 12 mm thick.

Other design integrated in it is its textured crown along with function pushers. It is a multifunction watch comprising a chronograph function, luminous hands and markers, nice-looking blue dial, date display and a perpetual calendar.

The designs are all excellently integrated in the timepiece giving you the value your money is equal to.

Watch Materials

The case of the material is made from stainless steel and a dial in the color of blue, which changes in different lighting condition. It is a nice effect that others may assume a change in watch instead of just in the dial’s color.

Its crystal is made from mineral glass, ensuring that your timepiece remains scratched free and undamaged.

The band material is also made from stainless steel which is 22 millimeter wide which features a double push button fold-over safety clasp. It ensures your comfort from the dimension of the band, durability enabled by what it is made of and safety of the watch from accidentally becoming lose.


Chronograph – The name of the watch instantly signifies what it can provide you, chronographs that come with a dual time. The chronograph features a secondary one and it can measure in up to sixty minutes. It can show the time both in the 12 and 14 hour-time.

Luminous – You never have to need to use or find any lighting just to know the time in a low light condition with its luminous effect.

Stop Watch – It is a function that lets you measure time, one that can be so much useful for sports professionals out there. Even those professionals who make it a habit to keep their fitness can find it useful.

Water Resistant – Another sports watch function that water professionals, like divers and swimmers would love. It keeps this function up to 100 meter or 330 feet underwater.

Full list of awesome features here!


Citizen Eco-Drive – It is a unique function and feature that all Citizen models under this collection is integrated with. The feature allows you to have the watch run nonstop through artificial or natural light enabling you to use for a lifetime. It does not need a battery, just light.

Dual Time – This feature would work well to people who are always traveling. It keeps you have knowledge of the time in your country and the one you are currently in.

Alarm Mode – Yes, this watch has the alarm mode function. You do not need an alarm clock. Just wearing this on your wrist gives you an alarm that produces loud enough sound to wake you up in time.

Low Cost – Citizen BL5470-57L is among those models that combine all the features you want at a price that would not put a hole in your pocket.


The process of setting the timepiece is a common reported issue among some buyer. They say that it is quite complicated to do. Good thing is there is a video featured on the brand’s website that makes it easier.


Citizen BL5470-57L is a timepiece worth spending your money with. It is beautiful and offers lots of functions making you want to have one for yourself as well. Just wait how much compliments you will receive the moment you start wearing it.