Citizen BJ8050-08E Review

Citizen BJ8050-08E reviewSports, swimming and style are three things every man loves. It is very rare that you can find a combination of all these together .The incredible Citizen Men’s BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Sport Watch is an amazing amalgamation of all this and more.

It is a watch will bring a smile on the divers face; no more hassle of removing your watch before swimming and no more compromises on looks for the watch being apt for swimming .The watch is chunky, trendy and very sporty. It is black and hip and is a very cool looking watch. The black rubber strap with a big and bold black dial is very trendy and appealing.


This watch employs the Japanese quartz technology for its watches. The quartz used in watches is synthetic, or man-made. Watch manufacturers use synthetic quartz crystals rather than natural ones because they have more consistent properties.

Quartz is a crystalline mineral, silicon dioxide that is found in abundance in the earth’s crust and is the principal component of sand. The quartz vibrates very quickly in response to an electric charge; it is these vibrations that enable the watch to keep time.

Daring Dial

The dial is bold and sporty, this watch has been manufactured as a divers delight. The black dial had big and clear number marking, It being luminous is one of its attractive features and one the arm has a hint of orange, which makes it very trendy.

It has a stainless steel unidirectional bezel which gives a break between the black dial and the black band, making it very appealing. The features of this watch make it not only a great looking watch but also very efficient.

They include charging in natural sunlight or indoor light. It has a max power reserve of 180 days, low charge warning: 3 day, quick start ability, charge time from stop state to max charge: Incandescent Light – 105 hrs., Outdoors, Cloudy (10,000 Lux) – 33 hrs, Outdoors, Sunny (100,000 Lux) – 9 hrs, durable, curved extra-thick (6mm).

The anti-reflective sapphire window material is what protects the dial. It has the date function at three o’clock, and screw-back case and screw-down crown and is water resistant to

Brilliant band

The black rubber band is what truly gives the watch a very sporty look; it is also perfect for the dial. It has a urethane rubber strap with diving extender and a buckle, which makes it comfortable and safe.

Key Features

  • Name: Citizen Men’s BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Sport
  • Movement: Japanese quartz
  • Band: Rubber
  • Special features : Dual time display, Luminous, Water Resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


The watch is efficient, outdoorsy and stunning to look at. It is a combination of utility and looks and it is time to dive in, in style!