Citizen AT4008-51E Review

Citizen AT4008-51E reviewThe company that the watch is from was established in 1918. The founding fathers selected the name Citizen so it would be “Close to their Hearts of People Everywhere” and soon after adopted the company’s formal name, Citizen Watch Company.

This Citizen AT4008-51E timepiece can easily win millions of hearts wherever it goes. Wearing an Eco-Drive watch allows you to turn your attention to the more important things in life as it takes care of so many things on its own.

Its automatic and comes with a perpetual calendar alarm chronograph with day-date which is radio controlled in 5 time zones. Silver dashing looks with black dial gives it an edge which is sharp enough to hit any fashion party.

Quartz “Movement”

Imagine never having to worry about winding a watch or making sure it has a functional battery. The perfect everyday timepiece that rarely requires your attention is world’s most accurate watch.

Japanese quartz movement is most popular in watch industry and accuracy is the best synonym that it offers. This was developed in Japan that utilizes the natural frequency of vibrations of a quartz crystal to regulate the operation of the timepiece.

These watches do not have the environmental impact that battery-operated watches do.

“Dial” Dynasty

This Citizen mens watch has “just the right thing” dial as it enhances the technology. This comes with amazing machinery which is justified by the dial.

Three different chronographs look like the speed dials of some heavy sports car. Perpetual calendar chronograph is radio controlled in 5 time zones. Atomic timekeeping calibrates signal being broadcasted from the radio tower. One second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes.

Date column is not only given but bordered with a silver line to enhance the visibility. White colored hour markers are also outlined by silver detailing.

Sapphire crystal is used for the dial window. It is the second strongest mineral on earth, after diamond. It not only offers strength but clarity too. Sapphire is much clearer than mineral glass especially if you look at the watch face from a very acute angle.

Strong Bracelet

Stainless steel watch bracelets are highly durable and wear well in all kinds of weather. Even if someone sweats a lot, I won’t irritate as the rubber straps too.

Subtle chain pattern looks classic. Silver color complements the silver stainless steel case and crowns.

Important Features

  • Name: Citizen AT4008-51E
  • Movement: Japanese quartz
  • Band: Silver stainless steel band
  • Special features: 200 meters water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!

In a Nutshell

Few demands of having titanium case in the watch as they feel it’s well deserved of the same. But this is the tendency of humans to aspire for more.

Overall, the watch offers strength, style and accuracy and it scored 10 on 10 for its sporty and busy dial. Features like atomic timekeeping, perpetual calendar, different chronographs and Japanese quartz movement are strong enough for you to say wow for this.