Bulova 98E003 Review

Bulova 98E003 reviewBlack is one color that denotes style and status like none other does. If class definition could be marked by a color, black would be it for all times. The fascination with this color is universal and people from all over the world are awe stuck by this color. While black is the undisputed ruler of colors, diamonds are the rulers of the jewel world.

If making others wonder stuck by your sense of style is what you aim to do, then is brilliant Bulova Men’s 98E003 Marine Star Diamond Accented Watch is just the thing for you. The black watch with diamonds on it has breathtaking beauty.


The movement of the watch is Japanese quartz.Quartz is an ideal material to use as an oscillator. First of all, it loses very little energy as it vibrates, so the vibrations are extremely steady.

Secondly, it exhibits what scientists call the “piezoelectric effect,” meaning that it vibrates in response to an electric charge and, conversely, generates voltage when it vibrates. This quality is central to the way a quartz watch operates.

The quartz oscillator receives an electrical charge from an integrated circuit, which gets its power from the watch battery (or, in the case of a battery-less watch, the poser storage cell). The electricity makes the quartz vibrate, or oscillate.

Dazzling dial

If diamonds cannot bedazzle a person nothing can. The watch is beautiful with a bezel and dial accented with 34 diamonds. The dial has a very elegant mother of pearl color and is very elegant.

It has a Day, date, and 24-hour sub-dial; all look very good and fit in perfectly with the dial’s grandeur. The watch is water resistant to 330m. The mineral window material makes it scratch resistant.

The bezel is made of stainless steel and is adorned with diamonds.

Beautiful band

The band is made of stainless steel and compliments the dial beautifully. The stainless tell adds to the lustier of the color black .The overall combination of black and silver makes the watch amazing to look at, without making it too gaudy.

It has a deployment clasp which makes it safe and convenient to wear and is an amazing treat for the eye.

Key features

  • Name: Bulova Men’s 98E003 Marine Star Watch
  • Movement: Japanese quartz
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Water Resistant

Full list of awesome features here!


This watch is the kind that will be the source of glory and pride for anybody who will wear it. It will adorn your wrist with grace and style and of course the sparkle of diamonds. The black strap and the mother of pearl dial together make it a marvel truly worthy of appreciation.