Bulova 96E04 Review

Bulova 96E04 reviewSince 1875, the Bulova is recognized as the top brand of men’s watch in the world. The Bulova 96E04 diamond multifunction watch is made in United States of America with luxurious 32 genuine diamonds.

This diamond multifunction watch is creatively designed with stunning color combination that will perfectly suit your taste and desire. In line with this, this diamond malfunction watch is made from high quality materials and if you are looking for the elite watch that will fit your wardrobe, this Bulova watch is the ideal choice that you should take into account.

The best thing that makes this watch in demand on the market is its amazing look and affordable rate.

Quality Watch Movement

The Bulova 96E04 comes with luxurious and unique look of bracelet finished, dial, bezel and case with genuine crystals.

Since the brand is under the quality Japanese-quartz movement, you can be sure that all the features and benefits that are being offered by the brand are worth seeking for. The item shape of the watch is round and the material type is mineral.

If you are searching for the best men’s watch that will suit your desires and needs, you don’t need to look any further since this diamond multifunction watch is the best choice for you.

Great Design That Shines

The display type of this diamond multifunction watch is analog and the bezel function is exceptional. This timepiece has 32 genuine diamonds and excellent quartz movement that you will extremely love.

In choosing the best men’s watch, it is very imperative that you want the excellent brand of watch that you can trust like Bulova. When it comes to brand of watch, Bulova is the top brand that will provide you with stunning features, styles and desires.

With Bulova, you can be sure that you will obtain the elite men’s watch that you are expecting and the same time it will fit with your budget.

Strong & Reliable Materials

The case material of Bulova 96E04 is stainless steel with case diameter that measures 39 and the case thickness is 8.

Moreover, the band material is made from stainless steel with a band width of 14 millimeters. The dial color of the watch is black and the band color is silver.

In connection with this, the bezel material of the watch is also creatively made from stainless steel. The components and materials that are stated above is one of the reasons why most men prefer to buy their own diamond multifunction watch.


Diamond Multifunction Watch – This kind of men’s watch comes with 32 genuine diamonds that makes it in demand on the market especially to those men who are looking for the best men’s wear in the world.

Square and Bold Subdials and Hands – It is being framed by a stainless bezel steel texture under the quartz movement. This kind of men’s watch will also offer you with stainless steel over clasp bracelet band and stunning stainless steel case that measures 39 millimeter.

Classic and Fashionable Design Elements – This kind of men’s watch will also offer you with its awesome classic and fashionable design elements that perfectly suit to the latest trend of fashion in the present year.

Full list of awesome features here!


Analog – This Bulova men’s watch comes with analog type that will suit to the desires and wants of every man. The hands and dials of the watch are quite easy to read particularly under water.

Stainless Steel – The ultimate materials of this watch is stainless steel and this is one of the materials that are being used in jewelry making.

Water Resistant – This Bulova men’s watch is water resistant with a depth of 99 feet or equivalent to 30 meters.

Dial Material Type- When it comes to this feature, the Bulova men’s watch has mineral that makes it more durable and flexible to wear.


The only concern of their customers is the band color. They are requesting if the manufacturer of the watch can provide them with various watch colors that they can choose from.


The Bulova 96E04 is the elite men’s watch that you should buy and rest assured that you will be astounded with its great features, designs and benefits. Thus, you will be tempted to use this watch every day.