Bulova 96C002 Review

Bulova 96C002 reviewBulova is considered as one of the leading brands of watch since the year 1875. The Bulova 96C002 men’s watch is creatively designed with stunning color combination that will perfectly suit your taste and desire.

Moreover, this Bulova men’s watch comes with luxurious and unique look of bracelet finished, dial, bezel and case with Swarovski crystals. The best thing that makes this watch in demand on the market is its amazing look and at the same time it is being sold at affordable price.

In line with this, this Bulova watch is made from high quality materials and if you are looking for the elite watch that will fit your wardrobe, this Bulova watch is the ideal choice that you should take into account. With the knowledge and expertise of the maker of this watch, you can be sure that you will extremely love its awesome features and benefits that you are looking for.

Japanese-Quartz Movement

The Bulova 96C002 men’s watch is powered by Japanese-quartz movement that will ensure watch precision.

The display time of this Bulova men’s watch is so easy to read and the numerals of the watch comes with luminous display that you will absolutely love. This Bulova men’s watch is the one that you should opt especially if you are looking for sporty look and you can wear on daily basis.

The item shape is square and the material type is mineral. This is one of the reasons why most people particularly men prefer to use this Bulova men’s watch.

Amazing Design

The case material of Bulova 96C002 is made from brass with case diameter measure 40 millimeters and the case thickness is 10.

The material of this Bulova men’s watch is also made from brass with a band width of 24.50 millimeters. The band and dial colors are both silver and the bezel material is brass.

Since the Bulova men’s watch is creatively made from high quality materials, you can be sure that the durability of the product can last for a long period of time.

The amazing design of this Bulova men’s watch is one of the reasons why most of their users are all satisfied and happy with the awesome features, benefits and design that the product will offer to their valued clients.

The Components

This kind of Bulova men’s watch comes with Swarovski crystals that will suit your wardrobe. The case, bezel and band materials are also silver.

The dial and band colors are also silver to make it more perfect to wear. The Bulova men’s watch can be worn during special occasion like parties, business conferences and daily basis.

The weight of the watch is 1 pound and the depth of water resistant is 99 feet.


Crystal Day Date Watch – This Bulova men’s watch is perfectly design to fit your desired wardrobe that is being crafted from brass.

Sword Shaped Minute and Hour Hands – The minute and hour hands of the watch are made with blue accents that you will absolutely love.

Polished Silver Accents- The bracelet and case of the watch bring out the awesome shine of the crystals and the dress watch is perfectly water resistant.

Full list of awesome features here!


Analog – This Bulova men’s watch comes with analog type that will suit to the desires and wants of every man. The hands and dials of the watch are quite easy to read particularly under water.

Bulova Warranty – This Bulova watch has incredible three year warranty. It simply means that you can easily obtain support especially when you encounter any problem with your watch.

Brass – The ultimate materials that are being utilized to make this watch is brass material and this is one of the materials that are being used in jewelry making.

Water Resistant – This Bulova men’s watch is water resistant with a depth of 99 feet or equivalent to 30 meters.

Dial Material TypeWhen it comes to this feature, the Bulova men’s watch has mineral that makes it more durable and flexible to wear.


According to some of their customers, the only concern that they have noticed about the watch is the band color which is silver. They want to have a wide variety of choices especially when it comes to band color.


The Bulova 96C002 is the ideal men’s watch that you should buy and wear since it will suit in any special event and daily use. The benefits, features, styles and designs that this men’s watch offer you is worth paying for.