Bulova 96B104 Review

Bulova 96B104 reviewIn 1875, Joseph Bulova set up shop in New York City, and a legendary American watch brand was born. Who knew that history was going to be created?

He was trained as a jeweler, and his know-how carried over into his watch making career, which began around 1911 with boudoir clocks and pocket watches, and soon evolved to include what was then one of the latest and most fashionable technological innovations: the wristwatch.

This legacy is perfectly married with latest technology in a simple and sober looking Bulova 96B104.

Japanese “Movement”

Japanese quartz movement on a watch means that the inside of the watch, the part that makes the hands move and keep time, were made in the country of Japan.

These watches do not have the environmental impact that battery-operated watches do. Ask any watch lover and his first word about Japanese movement would be – “Accurate”.

Just “Dial”

Analog display at its best!

Striking white colored dial with silver hour markings looks super classy and minimalistic. Mountain pointed baton hands gives an international edge to its style.

Right below the sixth hour’s marking is the model number and date column is given just next to the 3’o clock marking.

Stainless steel offers durability and strength, so does the case do as it’s made from stainless steel only. The whole design of this Bulova mens watch is just to keeping one thing in mind – simplicity.

One simple crown does the needful when you want to adjust the time. This whole design is shielded by mineral crystal.

Mineral crystal is a kind of hardened glass which is much more scratch resistant than acrylic, but less than sapphire. Mineral crystals are also somewhat better at shatter resistance compared with sapphire.

Leather “Band”

Stainless steel watch bracelets are generally heavier than leathers and are sometimes more difficult to remove and remount on a watch case because their construction offers less space to maneuver a spring-bar tool.

This watch comes with a calfskin leather strap. It’s soft and the leather looks expensive and classy. But be careful when you step out in monsoons as it can damage the leather.

Key features

  • Name: Bulova 96B104
  • Movement: Japanese quartz movement
  • Band: Leather
  • Special features: Shock and water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!

In a Nutshell

Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple. Honestly if you are looking for something stylish or you were dreaming of a sports watch, don’t go for it as you will be disappointed. But if you like playing it safe and don’t want to do much mental work before going to any event while wearing it, then this is it! Simple, sober and classy!