Bulova 96A118 Review

Bulova 96A118 reviewA pure white soul and the body being able to convey that clean inner intention with a certain poise and style! That’s what Bulova 96A118 “BVA Series” is all about. Bright white dial can give you the best kick to start your day but of course “on time”.

Silver stainless steel adds that brightness to timepiece which will reflect on your dazzling smile too. A chance to peep in the inner working of watch through this white vivid dial is a plus. Bulova has accumulated best of the things that a man would like to see in a watch.

Japanese Automatic “Movement”

Longevity is probably the number one benefit of automatic movement. Automatics are built with many moving parts and require no electronics to run. Therefore the quality of the parts in the piece can lead to a very long. The 21 jewel self winding movement means battery-free operation and provides for years of reliable service.

The next benefit of automatic movement is that these do not have to be serviced nearly as often as quartz watches. The watch case isn’t opened as much, which means the water resistance will be at much lower risk for having any issues during the lifetime of the watch.

White Dial

There has been lot of efforts gone behind designing the dial of the watch and it is very much evident as well. Black roman numerals on bright white base have a vintage appeal.

Marvel at the inner workings of this dual aperture dial self winding mechanical from the BVA Series, featuring clear exhibition case back.

The efforts for styling this watch has just “bolt it” and those bolts can also be seen on the dial. All stainless steel construction provides hypo-allergenic and durable build quality from Bulova. The whole “raw” style of the watch is related to a man who is “who he is”.

Steel bracelet

Simple & sober chain pattern of stainless steel bracelet adds a charm to the whole look and accentuates the class that it has. It is very simple to keep a stainless steel watch bracelet clean and long lasting. Stainless steel watch bracelets are highly durable and wear well in all kinds of weather.

Key features

  • Name: Bulova 96A118 “BVA Series”
  • Movement: Japanese automatic
  • Band: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Water resistant

Full list of awesome features here!

Bottom Line

Pick the best from different timepieces and it is called Bulova Men’s 96A118 “BVA Series” as this have so many different angles to its style. This watch has a vintage feel with roman numerals, white dial and silver bracelet adds a classy tinge and inner working visible on the dial provides a perfect sporty vibe to it. If you have always to wanted to have so many things in your kitty, then this is the one.